So far, Apple Vision Pro glasses are only available in the United States of America. During the recent period, many rumors and news have appeared confirming that Apple intends to introduce its Vision Pro glasses in more than one country and more than one economic market. Confirming this, Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, said: Vision Pro glasses will be in China this year. Now we are faced with new news indicating that Vision Pro will be in France next summer, God willing.

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Apple will introduce Vision Pro glasses in France

Based on what was mentioned on the site Watch Generation The Frenchman said that Apple summoned its employees in its retail stores in France. This is in order to undergo training programs for Vision Pro glasses.

What is controversial here is that the French website indicated that Apple had begun training sessions with its employees on a new product or a “product training event.” However, the use of the word training does not indicate that the product is Vision Pro glasses, but there are no new products that Apple has not launched in France except Vision Pro glasses.

In a related context, Apple did the same thing with retail employees in the United States of America when it was preparing to officially launch the Vision Pro glasses for the first time.

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All reports confirm that Apple intends to delight the world with its new glasses. This is after Vision Pro glasses achieved strong success in the United States of America. Apple has great marketing plans that help spread Vision Pro glasses in countries such as France, China, and others.

It is worth noting that the news of Vision Pro glasses entering the French market was confirmed by the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Which confirmed that Apple will launch Vision Pro glasses in more than one country with the arrival of the second beta version of the VisionOS operating system for the glasses. In addition, all speculation indicates that Australia and Japan will be the next countries where Apple Glass will be released.

But on the other hand, Apple has not confirmed anything at all. Except for Tim Cook saying that Vision Pro glasses will be released in China during this year. As for the rest of the countries, they are expectations and follow Apple news.

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Apple is suing a former employee after leaking important information about Vision Pro glasses

Apple is currently seeking to sue one of its former employees, after he leaked important information about Apple products, including Vision Pro glasses. Apple said that the employee leaked this information; Because they relate to products he had previously worked on, and he used his iPhone to do so.

Apple's accusation before a California court was that the former employee (a software engineer named Andrew Oddi) sent important information about Vision Pro glasses and the Journal application to the media and other third parties, including technology companies competing with Apple.

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Apple has completed its verification The employee betrayed her in 2023Although he denied all the accusations against him. In addition, when he was asked, he denied all the accusations and denied his involvement in leaking information. He also went to the bathroom and deleted most of the incriminating files, including screenshots of his conversations with people asking him for information about Apple. But the exciting news here is that Apple was able to return all the messages that had been deleted.

It is worth noting that the former Apple employee was using the Signal application to send leaks to journalists. The number of contacts he established with a Wall Street journalist during four months reached 1400. Not only that, but he was sending information about Apple to “THE INFORMATION” website, and the messages with one of the site’s representatives reached 10000 text messages.

From, a screenshot of a text conversation in a messaging app with various messages discussing the timing of publishing a story about Vision Pro glasses.

Apple's requests are clear and specific. Apple wants to stop paying all his financial dues to the company. Prosecuting the employee and prosecuting him for leaking information to external parties without Apple’s approval. All of this in order to finish products that he did not like to work on or be assigned to do.

What do you think about introducing Vision Pro glasses in France? Are you waiting for its release in your country? Tell us in the comments.



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