After a month of beta testing, Apple's new update, iOS 17.5, is now available to all iPhone users. This may be the last major update to iOS 17 before Apple unveils iOS 18 at the beginning of June. The update includes new features such as spy and tracking device detection, providing notifications to users if there is a compatible Bluetooth tracking device moving with them.

From, a large collection of white circular devices with a central icon covered by a square bearing the number "iOS 17.5" in colored font.

This update also offers an exclusive feature for European Union countries, as iOS 17.5 provides support for distributing applications on the web. iPhone users can download applications directly from developers' websites, without having to use the App Store.

What's new in iOS 17.5, according to Apple

  • This update provides important bug fixes and security updates, and is recommended for all users.

  • Cross-platform tracking detection notifies users if a compatible Bluetooth tracking device they don't own is moving with them, regardless of the operating system the device is associated with.

Unfortunately, Apple has placed a background screen that supports homosexuals in this update, like some previous updates, and Apple insists on inserting its support agenda for this abnormal category of society in a way that is inconsistent with the professionalism that I must follow in for-profit companies.

Before updating, make sure to take a backup copy of the contents of your device, whether on iCloud or on the iTunes application

To update your device, take the following steps ...


Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, it will show you that an update is available.


You can click on Learn more to view the update details


To download the update, you must connect to Wi-Fi. It is preferable to connect your device to the charger, then press the “Update Now” button.

From, a screenshot of an iOS 17.5 device showing a message in Arabic from Apple Support about celebrating Pride Month, with a link to their website.

The passcode entry screen will appear.

You may see the Terms and Conditions screen, accept them.

From, screenshot, Arabic text of terms and conditions.


After the update is finished, the device will restart. After several steps, the update will be completed.

Will you update immediately? Did this update solve any problem you had in iOS 17, and what problems do you face with the Apple system now? Tell us in the comments

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