Some complain about YouTube not working on their iOS device. The complaint has multiplied, especially some that we put a section for the video in IPhone Islam program. Therefore, we will discuss how you can activate the work of YouTube on your computer if it is not working, and what are the reasons for not working.

There are several reasons why YouTube does not work, including:

  • Do not set the time and date in your device. So be sure to go to the device settings, then General, then Date & Time
  • Sometimes it is because Backup is working through iTunes and then restored after Restore the device. And the best thing when there is a malfunction in the device is to do a Restore without restoring the Backup, at least until you know if the problem is still there or not.
  • Sometimes the problem clears up by setting the language to English US in a little while.
  • There is a main reason for not playing some clips without others as they are in a format that is not supported by your device. (And solve it in some cases by updating your device to the latest version of iOS, which does not mean running all these formats).
  • There is another case that appears clearly for those who have a jailbreak and has activated the device through the jailbreak to open it on the network unofficially, and this process causes problems with the device, including what is called Push Notification and YouTube, and the solution may be as follows:

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Go to Manage
  3. Choose Source, then Edit
  4. Choose Add
  5. Type the link
  6. Add Source
  7. Return to Cydia
  8. The package you added is called NERV Repository
  9. Select it then navigate to Push Doctor in the letter P
  10. install
  11. Confirm

Restart your device and then go to YouTube to have a try.

Note: What we mentioned is for those who do not have YouTube at all, but if some video files do not work, this is because they are not supported by Apple devices or they need a flash player, which as you know will not be available on the iOS environment at all.

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