If you own an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, or even an Android device that supports wireless charging, the matter is completely concerned with you, and if you are not one of the owners of these devices, the matter also concerns you, so you should follow the technology news and its new in order for you to know something About everything.

We will show you the best wireless chargers out there now on the scene that have already been tried as mentioned by the source and have proven their efficiency.

Wireless chargers

Since Qi wireless chargers have been supported for Android devices in particular, the market has been conquered with enormous different types of wireless chargers, making the choice of buying a reliable charger a very difficult and complicated process. To help make the selection process easier, we've rounded up the best chargers from several trusted companies and put them in your hands.

The Belkin

This charger is one of two wireless chargers released by Apple and sold in stores. The charger comes in white, made of the best materials, elegant in appearance, with a silicone circle on the charging base that fixes the phone and prevents it from slipping, and has a small LED light that lights up in green when the phone is in the correct position on the charger, and it also includes a power adapter that supports the charging feature Rapid 7.5 watts. This charger is perhaps the largest in size on this list, but it is considered the best one.

The charger is sold on Amazon for $ 59.99


This charger is also supported by Apple. It is one of the leading chargers in the field of wireless energy. It supports fast charging that is 50% faster than other standard "slow" chargers. Once the phone is placed on the charging dock, the charging is responded to immediately. The charger is made of heavyweight painted metal, with a rubber layer that prevents the phone from slipping.

Charger is priced at $ 59.99 on the company's official website



This charger comes in a stylish, safe, lightweight, and compact design, made of metal and supported by a silicone pad on the charging base, which prevents the phone from slipping during charging. The charger comes with two attachments, the first is a 24-watt power adapter, and a USB cable made of the finest materials.

Charger is $ 49.99 on Amazon


Anker is a famous company in the field of developing and selling electronics, and it often launches high-quality products at affordable prices, and this also applies to this wireless charger provided by this company. The charger is made of plastic, which is a bit thin. There are two bases for wireless charging, a horizontal one and a vertical one.

The Horizontal Charging Base is sold on Amazon at $ 18.59

The head charging dock is also sold on Amazon at $ 26.66


Another affordable type of wireless charger, with a simple design, comes in a triangle shape with rounded corners and in terms of length, it is the longest charger on this list.

The charger comes at $ 24.99 on Amazon


This charger comes with an elegant design, made of aluminum, the charger is equipped with a LED light while charging it lights up in blue and upon completion of the charging process it lights up in green, the charger is equipped with a silicon in a plus form that prevents the phone from slipping. The charger comes in different shapes: gray, silver, and rose gold.

The charger comes at a price of $ 34.99 on the official website


This charger is a piece of nature because of its attractive design and shape, it resembles a bamboo plant, the charger has a 4000 mAh battery, and it has a USB port through which you can charge two devices at one time.

The charger comes at $ 24.99 on Amazon


Wireless charging and battery at the same time "Power Bank", the battery comes with a capacity of 10000 mAh, the charger is equipped with a USB port to be able to charge two devices at one time, as well as a Lightning charging port to be able to charge it with your iPhone charger "This is a rare thing."

The charger comes at $ 39.99 on Amazon


There is no doubt that the previous list of chargers has its pros and cons. Its advantages come in its strength and elegance of its design, while its disadvantages come in the lack of some other accessories, cables, or even more exits, and it is also possible for the price to make a difference for some, some of them are somewhat high in price and others are within reach, and if you have spent more than A thousand dollars to buy an iPhone X or a little less to buy an iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone 8. The high price of some of these accessories will not make a big difference, but in the end they are all good chargers.

Tell us in the comments which of these chargers did you like? Will you buy any of them?



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