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How to keep the iPhone to be like new always

The iPhone is not a cheap device, and with the economic crises the world is going through, the iPhone may be an investment, and you must preserve its value. If you want to keep your iPhone and do not know what are the appropriate ways to keep your device as new, this article will help you.


Apple reveals a new increase in the price of iPhone battery replacement

It seems that everything is rising in price in the recent period due to the economic recession, global inflation and the high exchange rate of the dollar, and for this reason Apple decided to increase the price of one of its services. When you try to replace the battery of your iPhone out of warranty, you will pay more than you usually pay.


7 very important tips for extending the life of your iPhone

In the event that you decide to upgrade and buy a new iPhone, you will find that this step will cost you a lot of money, this means that you need to keep your iPhone for as long as possible and for this in the following lines we will learn how to extend the life of the iPhone Your iPhone will last you for many years.