In recent years, Apple has promoted the iPad Pro as an alternative to the laptop (LapTop) and has focused on many points of the iPad's superiority over laptops with its advertisements, such as being stronger than most laptops in the market, easy to navigate, lightweight, easy to use, and so on, but are these enough Points to make the iPad a replacement for the laptop, or really, does Apple aspire to replace laptops with the iPad?

Is Apple really aiming to make the iPad an alternative to the laptop?

The points of superiority of the iPad

The iPad outperforms many points, as I mentioned earlier on portable computers, being a lightweight device that makes the issue of navigation a simple matter, and the iPad is easier to use than laptops, as well as iPadOS is simpler than portable computer systems and free from complications. For example, there are people who do not even know how to uninstall programs in Windows and end up placing icons in the Recycle Bin, and if you are one of these people, this is not the way to uninstall programs 🙂

Ask yourself how many people complain about minor problems? They have computers, but its solution is complicated for the average user. The iPad also offers a better battery than most computers, and I can say that from personal experience. And with the iPadOS system's support for mouse, external storage and console controllers, it may be easy for you to take the iPad as a personal computer.

Apple is still selling Macs

You may ask yourself after all this if Apple aims to make the iPad an alternative to the laptop, then why is it still selling MacBook devices, specifically the MacBook Air, which is roughly in the same price category as the iPad Pro 12.9 The answer is that Apple said that the iPad is the best computer for most People, not a replacement for your computer.

The iPad is not a replacement for the laptop, but rather an idea and a new category for the laptop. Most people need laptops to browse the Internet, edit videos, write articles, and most regular uses of the laptop, we find that the iPad presents it in an orderly way away from the clutter of the desktop.

Who are laptops then?

For me, the iPad may be a better computer for most people, myself included. I replaced my computer with the iPad and I am writing this article through the iPad, but the computer is still a device for designing programs and a better device for professional players and for downloading a huge amount of various files in all formats and also the laptop contains More ports, it is a better device for people who connect many devices to their computer at the same time. Apple does not aim to replace the laptop, but it has made a simpler laptop, faster and lighter for most users.

Tell us, can you exchange the laptop for an iPad? And for what?

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