New rumors and strong evidence confirm that Apple is already working on augmented reality glasses. The company obtained a new patent for a near-eye screen design intended for such an accessory. There is another indication about the existence of a "holographic" optical vision. If so, when will a device that supports augmented reality be launched?

Patent: Apple works on a holographic display next to the eyeball

Apple has obtained a patent for a mysterious device under the name "optical display systems" and the description clarifies the intended use of this invention. Users are able to see what is displayed on the screens of those devices.

AR glasses present a particular challenge as their built-in displays must be viewable at distances of an inch or less. Apple's patent describes a system to get the job done. The details used in describing the patent are of course a purely technical one with some incomprehensible complications for the interested person as it describes the details of that device and how it works.

It is worth noting that reports about Apple's virtual reality glasses are still continuing. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, spoke more than once about augmented reality technology and it is one of the most exciting technologies around the world today. The 12 iPad Pro and iPhone 2020 may come with 12D rear scanners to improve the augmented reality experience. Tim mentioned AR as one of the most exciting technologies around today. The iPad Pro and iPhone 2020 2020 may come with rear 2022D scanners to improve the augmented reality experience, as stated in a report by Bloomberg, and a previous report by Ming-Chi Kuo analyst had predicted that the first-generation augmented reality glasses could be brought to market in The second quarter of 2023. Another report indicated that Apple will release a primary AR support head device in XNUMX, followed by a smaller device such as augmented reality glasses AR in XNUMX.

But those reports are based on information that has not yet been confirmed. Even Apple's patent on eyeball close-up technology does not represent definitive evidence that augmented reality glasses will be released anytime soon. But it is certain that Apple is going ahead with issuing a new invention that may be a revolution at its time, as happened with the first iPhone.

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