At the beginning of this article, I would like to commend the role of our dear country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in dealing with This pandemic That afflicted the world, Saudi Arabia has dealt in a very responsible manner that supervises every Arab, not only Saudi Arabia, but also a number of Arab countries, but we mention Saudi Arabia in particular when God honored it with responsibility towards the Two Holy Sanctuaries, and we ask God Almighty to make them qualified for this great responsibility and concern them with it.

Despite the limited number of pilgrims this year (we thank God that the rituals of Hajj have not been interrupted) and we ask God to accept the pursuit of those who were able to perform Hajj this year, and they know that they are in a great blessing and we all envy them and we ask God to maximize their reward (We hope that they will remember us by prayingAnd whoever did not perform the Hajj this year, we pray to God to bring us together in his sacred house next year. As we congratulate you all on the Eid and hope that it will be happy for you, for us and for the entire Islamic community, we confirm that we bring you a gift as a whole Eid. We used to present you with a gift on the occasion of Eid, although it is not a great gift, but in the end it is just a sign of our love and appreciation for you.

On the occasion of Eid, we are pleased to offer you an application that becomes free for the first time ... Spoke application This application that converts Arabic or English text into audible audio, and you can also convert it to an audio file, as is the case in IPhone Islam toolText to voice, with the difference that speaking, the voices of the speaking application are more professional voices and not the sounds of the system.

One of the great features of the application is that it allows you to send a readable article to a friend on his e-mail, thus sharing the article with your friends, not only text but also audible.

The program does not need an Internet connection. Just copy the Arabic or English text from any program on your phone and paste it into the ICCAM program so that this text is converted to you into audible speech.

‎Arabic TTS - Speak

A simple gift whose purpose is only to celebrate the Eid with you and present something symbolic as we are used to, we know that the application has not been developed for a long time, but it is sufficient to know that we pay the rights to use sounds on every download, so believe me, it is a valuable gift for an application that we would not have been able to offer for free without your love for us And increase the interaction that happens constantly.

Wonderful Eid everyone, and Happy Holidays, we will come back to you with new articles after the Eid.

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