Today's prayer times application It is one of our unpopular applications, and the reason is that it is a simple application that only displays the prayer widget and does not have a prayer alert or work on the Apple Watch, but all of this has changed with the new update, the application is now different and deserves to try, especially since it is free.

What is new in the application of prayer times today

Everything, firstly the app is very simple and has been developed using the latest Apple languages, so it is highly compatible with the latest Apple systems. It also has no external libraries or advertisements, and it does not collect any data.

When you open the application, you will find a simple and beautiful interface.

But first You have to set the prayer time, press the settings button at the bottom and go to the prayer times settings.

The matter is easy, just allow access to your site so that the application knows where you are, then choose the Fajr and Isha method, this information is necessary for every Muslim to know, and if you do not know it, the matter is not difficult, choose what you think is right and review the time for Fajr and Isha prayers (Information: Some countries, such as Morocco, follow the authority Egyptian in calculating prayer time, so if you do not find your country, know that it follows a calculation method that is not specific to it, for example, follow Umm Al-Qura) After that, make sure that the prayer time is correct before closing the settings, and if there is a difference of minutes, you can use the manual adjustment.

You can also activate notifications for prayer times, and there is the ability to activate notifications before prayer and after prayer.

After that close the settings window and make sure once again that your prayer times are correct, then enjoy the app's great interface.

The interface of the application changes according to the prayer with great visual effects, you can also know the time that has passed since a prayer or know the time remaining until a prayer time by pressing the name of the prayer.

If you are not a fan of many colors, you can easily change the application theme, click on the more icon, which is symbolized by (i) in the bar at the bottom, and choose to change the application interface.

Now the application will only be in black and white. Elegant shape also with wonderful decorations in every prayer.

Prayer times widget

The application supports the iOS 14 widget of various sizes, and you can also change the widget settings from the widget settings menu to make the background black, static, or to change the widget language for Arabic regardless of the language of your device.

Clock application

Today's prayer app comes with a clock app

The clock application is very useful because it contains a screen that displays how long has passed from the previous prayer and how much is left for the next prayer, as well as all prayer times in one place.

NoteWhen opening the Prayer Times app on Apple Watch, make sure to open the app on iPhone, then Settings, so that the replays are transferred from the iPhone to the watch.

These photos are taken by me Followers on Twitter To apply to the watch ...

Image from (Saleh Alomair)

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Download the app now

The application was developed from scratch, and although many followers on Twitter have tested it, it certainly contains some defects that need to be modified, so we ask you to try and use the application and if it has any defects or you have any suggestions do not hesitate to contact us.

Prayer Times Today

last word

We know by God, and I swear by God, we know that most of the comments will be about the application To My Prayer, this application that we love more than you love, this application in which God placed acceptance in most likely for the sake of God’s mercy on him Amr Abdel-Rahman (Read this article to get to know Amr) Whose sound when reminding the prayer time makes you feel close to your heart. This application will be updated, God willing, but it must be fully, so its update will be delayed, this is not a simple application, this is an application we love and we do not want to spoil it in a hurry. And we praise God Almighty for making us a reason for developing some useful applications, after we thought that there is no return to developing applications again. We presented within the most famous number of applications, and this is good.

The application of prayer times today is a free application and the effort that was made in it is a charity that we ask God to accept, and we need to try the application and tell us about your opinion, and about any defects you encounter, this will be useful in developing upcoming applications, God willing, also do not forget to publish this article and the application Among your friends.

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