It seems that the conflict and hostility between Apple and Facebook is not a spur of the moment, but rather had roots going back to the time Steve Jobs led the company, and this old hostility was discovered through the new documents that were highlighted as part of Apple's battle against Epic Legal, which showed interesting details about the history of the relationship between Facebook and Apple.

The documents revealed by Epic, show that the relationship between Apple and Facebook had been strained for a long time, dating back to 2011, and at that time the social network did not have a dedicated application for iPads, which first appeared in 2010.

Facebook was in talks with Apple to add its application for iPad devices, but both parties were in a dispute over how the application would work. Apple would not have allowed Facebook to include applications and games within the main Facebook application (there are games and web applications that work inside Facebook), which is something Zuckerberg believes It is necessary for iPad users to have a full experience.

Scott Forrestal, in charge of iOS at the time, had a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg on the matter and sent this email to Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller:

I just discussed with Mark how to not include the apps and games included in the Facebook iPad app either in the embedded web view or even as a guide to links that would redirect to Safari.


Zuckerberg suggested some concessions to Forrestal in order to settle the matter as follows:

  1. Not including the directory of applications and games in the Facebook application, nor even the links.
  2. Facebook prevents third-party apps from running in an embedded web view, in the simpler sense, preventing third-party apps from operating as a browser within the Facebook app.
  3. Facebook wanted Apple to allow user posts to be published in news feeds that contain Facebook's internal games and apps.
  4. Facebook suggested that clicking on one of the application links in the feed will convert the user to an original application or move it to the application store if it exists, or link it to the Safari browser.

Jobs hates Facebook

Forrestal wrote in an email to Steve Jobs that everything Zuckerberg suggested was reasonable, except for No. 3 and Steve Jobs replied and wrote, “I agree - if we cancel the proposal Facebook The third would seem reasonable. ”Notice Jobs's spelling of Facebook here and the meaning of the first part of the word is trash.

Finally, the relationship between Facebook and Apple has not improved at all since 2011, and the two companies are currently locked in A fierce battle Apple's focus on protecting user privacy, at a time when Facebook uses user data for an ad network that brings in billions of dollars annually.

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