we love Direct Aid Society This article is not an advertisement, but rather a matter of contributing to the good, and we have talked about their application more than once, Read hereAnd this application is in continuous development, thanks to God, and it greatly facilitates the donation process. At the same time, the donation money reaches one of the best, most trusted and active associations, and we trust it especially because many friends work in it, and also a number of former iPhone Islam developers have moved to work With them. But do not take our word for it, and search for the biography of the good man “Dr. Abdul Rahman Hammoud Al-Sumait” yourself. We are sure that learning the biography of this man alone is one of the lessons of contemporary life from a man who lived among us and in our time, may God have mercy on Dr. Abdul Rahman.

Direct Aid was founded by Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait, may God have mercy on him, fifty years of fighting ignorance, poverty and disease in the outskirts of Africa. Direct Aid continues this giving and keeps pace with the development of technology and offers us an application that is less than described as more than wonderful.

The Messenger of God says “There is no day when the servants become but two angels who come down, and one of them says: Oh God, give a tunnel behind, and the other says: Oh God, give the holders a spoilage.”

From anywhere in the world, with small truthfulness, you can make an impact on a person’s life, and you have a share in watering a village, sponsoring an orphan or building a mosque through the application of direct aid. Good has become closer .. easier .. faster

‎Direct Aid | direct help

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