We are at a time when rumors and rumors about the upcoming iPhone, the latest of which is this strange rumor, is that the iPhone 12 may be the last phone that has buttons, and that the next iPhone 13 will come without it, which may seem a bit strange, and why No Apple has done it before and canceled the most important button on the iPhone since the iPhone X as we thought! But this time it is getting weird and complicated, so how will we control a phone without a power button, stop or volume up and down? Here's what the latest rumors about the upcoming iPhone and how this device will be controlled without buttons!

A new patent for Apple indicates that it is studying sensor-only input methods, and it is clear that these input devices will be holes or places that light up when touched and disappear when not in use.

This look looks very smooth and will undoubtedly add a lot of elegance if applied to any device. The big question is whether a feature like this will find its way to the next iPhone? Or we have to wait until the iPhone in 2022 or later until Apple integrates it into it. Technology like this is not a completely outlandish concept, but rather fits with the potential and expected changes that Apple may make to future iPhone devices.

For example, there is talk of the iPhone 13 restoring an under-display fingerprint scanner. It's a tactic that certainly matches the aesthetic of a simple, buttonless design. If Apple chooses to go this route, a lot can be done with this scanner.

Speaking of dispensing with things we thought were indispensable, Apple actually scrapped the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 in 2016, and rumors suggest that the Lightning port might be done as well. And if Apple canceled the Lightning port in the iPhone 13 and relied entirely on wireless charging, it would become the first phone without ports completely, then why not cancel the buttons at all until the wonderful mix of this awaited device is complete.

Of course, this patent could be for a product other than the iPhone. Apple did not expressly state that it is its own, and all I mentioned is that it is a device without buttons, perhaps for copyright considerations or otherwise. All the rumors and analyzes mentioned are just guesses for what the iPhone 13 will be, so the name of this iPhone is not certain for everyone, so we just have to wait, and if the news is today with money, in the upcoming September event, the shops will be revealed.

What do you expect about the next iPhone? Will it be without buttons? Or no ports? Or will it not be iPhone 13? Tell us in the comments.



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