In this article, we review the history of iPhone conferences and read Together, we try to figure out Apple's way to anticipate the new conference.

History of iPhone conferences

2007 conference and the first iPhone

Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone on January 9, 2007, and the world knew the shape of the new device that Apple gave the slogan “This is only the beginning” as if it knew that this device would change the world and at the WWDC 07 conference, Apple announced the date of its sale and the rest of the details. Note that Apple wants you to remember these days (conference days) because they will not be forgotten.

2008 conference and iPhone 3G

If the original iPhone was from the beginning of the success story, then the iPhone 3G is from the line of the name of the iPhone globally and made everyone in the world know this new device, and the device was detected on June 29, the first day of the WWDC 08 conference, and the phone came with two famous slogans, namely: The iPhone that you are waiting for, the first phone that defeats the iPhone. ”The device was distinguished thus:

● A comprehensive change in the look of the phone.

● Supporting 3G networks in the phone.

● The first phone to be widely marketed internationally and to reach the Middle East.

● Achieved one million sales in the first week.

● The sale started on July 11th.

Conference 2009 and iPhone 3GS

At the WWDC 10 conference, Apple revealed the iPhone 3GS, which is currently the longest phone in the world that receives support and a system upgrade. The phone did not differ in shape from the previous 3G device, but Apple took great care of the device’s performance as this came in the slogan of the phone that was “ The fastest and most powerful iPhone to date ”and the device is distinguished by:

● Processor speed increased by 50%.

● Memory capacity increased by 100%.

Apple upgraded the camera to 3.2 mega.

● Apple added voice commands.

● Provide a storage capacity of 32 GB for the first time.

● The device is available for sale on June 19, that is, 12 days after the announcement.

 2010 conference and iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is a milestone not only in the history of the iPhone, but in the history of phones as a whole. Even Apple itself chose the slogan for the phone “This changes everything again,” and she means that this phone will reformulate users ’perspective towards smartphones in a new way, just as the iPhone did IPhone first. Apple preceded all phone companies by introducing a high-quality screen, "Al-Ritna", and the phone was distinguished by:

● Change the design of the phone completely and make it 24% thinner

● Double the processor and memory.

● Providing FaceTime service.

● 5 mega pixel camera.

Premium Retina Display.

● It achieved 600 devices sales on the first day.

● The device is available for sale on June 19, that is, 12 days after the announcement.

2011 iPhone 4S conference


In this conference, Apple violated all expectations, at first it did not reveal the phone at the WWDC conference as it was usual before, and also the period of time between this device and its predecessor reached about 15 months, and then the conference came to everyone who saw it so that Steve Jobs died in the day. Following the conference, the device came almost identical to its previous brother and is characterized by the following:

● Increase the speed of the processor.

● Add Siri personal assistant.

● Introducing 64 GB capacity for the first time and cancel 8 GB capacity.

● 8 mega pixel camera.

● It achieved 4 million devices in sales in the first 3 days.

What is unique about this conference is the design of the advertisement, which is very attractive and smart as we see above above the icon of the fourth date of October, which corresponds to Tuesday, and then the time icon at ten o'clock, and then the place icon, which is the place of the conference, then the phone icon with one on it and it symbolized that there is a phone new.

2012 conference and iPhone 5

On September 12, the conference that everyone had been waiting for was the desire for change and waiting for Apple's creativity again, as happened with the iPhone 4, and the conference announcement was very clear, so the number 12 remained drawn on the ground number 5, which refers to the iPhone XNUMX. The device came with a significantly thinner and lighter design, and its most prominent features are:

● A new design for the phone increases the screen size to 4 inches.

● Support for fourth generation networks.

● Improvements in camera, hardware speed and memory boost.

● A change in the size of the telephone jack as well as the position of the audio cable.

● It achieved sales of 5 million devices in the first 3 days.

● The device will start selling on September 21st.

2013 conference and iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S-5C events

The 2013 conference came completely different from previous Apple conferences where the company provided two versions of the iPhone, namely the 5C and 5S, and this is the first time that Apple launches two versions of its phone, as the iPhone 5C came at $ 549 and the iPhone 5S came at $ 649. IPhone 5S specifications are as follows:

● A7 processor, which is the world's first 64Bit processor.

● Providing the golden color For the first time, the iPhone comes out with three color options.

● 8 MP camera, dual flash, many improvements, and 1.2 MP front camera.

● Provide the fingerprint to protect the device in a way that surpasses any other company.

● As for the iPhone 5C, it came in several colors and was priced at $ 550, and the phone specifications were exactly like the iPhone 5.

● iPhone available for sale on September 20.

2014 conference and iPhone 6


The conference was the largest and most important in the history of the company because Apple made radical changes in the phone, starting with changing the screen size to become 4.7 inches, as well as another 5.5-inch version, and these were the most important events of the conference.

● Presenting two iPhone devices of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, presenting the golden color.

● Briefly disclosing the Apple Watch without any price details or release date.

● Apple revealed its Apple Pay payment system.

● Cancel 32 GB capacity and replace it with 64 GB at the same price and save 128 GB capacity.

● Availability of the iPhone for sale, starting from Friday, September 19 at a price of $ 649 for the iPhone 16 GB, while the iPhone 6 Plus starts at $ 749.

2015 iPhone 6s Conference


The 2015 conference held on September 9th to unveil the ninth generation of the iPhone was different from all Apple conferences. For the first time, Apple makes a comprehensive conference of everything, as it revealed:

● Launched a number of Apple Watch frames.

● iPad Pro 12.9 was launched, along with iPad mini 4.

Launching the new Apple TV.

● Announcing the iPhone 6s and the Plus version.

● iPhone 6s will be available for sale on Friday, 25 September.

2016 conference and iPhone 7

Apple 2016 Sep event

The decline in sales of the iPhone was a real crisis for Apple and the iPhone 7 was Apple's response at this conference held on September 7, to return iPhone sales to their previous state. The matter was different this time, the sales of the iPhone 7 Plus were higher than the iPhone 7, and with the presence of a new color Jet Black, this led to an increase in pre-demand on the iPhone.

● The launch of the iPhone 7 and the Plus version with a new color, Jet Black.

● The phone came in a design close to its predecessors 6 and 6s, with an additional camera in the Plus version and canceling the audio cable port.

● The screen button has been redesigned and redesigned to be more responsive and fast touch.

● The processor has been increased, imaging improved, memory increased in the Plus version, and the capacity is reduced to 32 GB, 64 GB capacity canceled, and the screen improved.

● Apple for the first time added protection against water and dust with an IP67 protection standard.

● iPhone 7 now includes two speakers on the edges at the top and bottom, and this makes the resulting sound "stereoscopic".

A new wireless headset was introduced, called AirPods

● The launch of the second generation of Apple Watch, which has become faster, higher in performance, water resistance, and has added internal GPS support for the watch.

● iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available for sale on September 16th.

2017 tenth anniversary conference

A conference different from any previous conference, and why not, ten years have passed since the production of the first iPhone, and it is time to restore Apple's glories and show something new, and this is what is expected, with the announcement of the update of the iPhone version and the iPhone Plus version, Apple presented a special design version Unlike iPhone X.

● Not following the well-known tradition of Apple and advertising the iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone 7s.

● The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus version came in a design close to its predecessors 7 and 7 Plus, with a difference in manufacturing materials so that the background is glass to support wireless charging.

● Announcing an entirely new category of iPhone, the iPhone X, which carries a different design, a screen without edges, with the removal of the Home button, and a bump for the front camera.

● The launch of the third generation of the Apple Watch, which was faster and higher in performance and supports data service without relying on the iPhone.

● A new generation of Apple TV that supports 4k and HDR technology.

● The start of the sale of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Friday, September 19, and the start of the sale of the iPhone X until November 3.

2018 conference and return to the S

After the 2018 conference this year it seems that Apple is back again for the S-class phones that don't offer much from the previous year ...

Apple released three new phones, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS MAX, and the iPhone XR.

● iPhone XR version is available in several colors and is the lowest price category.

● iPhone XS and XS MAX versions are available in gold, silver and gray colors.

IPhone XS and XS MAX support two SIM cards.

● Apple launched the fourth generation of the Apple Watch, a faster, edge-to-edge screen.

● The sale of the iPhone began Friday, September 19, and the sale of the iPhone XR version was postponed to the end of October.

2019 conference and Pro launch

Apple 2019's iPhone

After the decline in sales of Apple in the previous year, everyone expected that Apple would provide solutions to this problem for the return of sales of iPhones to its previous era, and Apple's solution was to provide a phone at a somewhat low price, which is the iPhone 11, and to provide the Pro phones that distinguished it this year by adding three Cameras.

● Apple has released three new phones, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

● iPhone 11 version comes at $ 699 and is available in several colors and supports two cameras.

● The iPhone Pro and Pro MAX version is available in four colors, gold, silver and gray, and the new green color.

IPhone Pro and Pro MAX come with a fast charger.

● Apple launched the fifth generation of the Apple Watch, with the feature of the Retina screen always present.

● All new Apple products to be sold starting Friday, September 20

Conference 2020 support 5G and launch the mini

For the first time, Apple offers a fourth phone, the iPhone Mini, which comes at a price similar to the iPhone 11 in the previous year, but with all the features of the iPhone 12 and support for 5G networks.

● Apple has released four new phones, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone Mini.

● The iPhone 12 version comes at $799 and the iPhone Mini is $699.

● The iPhone 12 Pro version comes at a price of $999 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max is $1099.

● All phones announced by Apple support 5G.

● Apple introduced MagSafe technology where the charger is magnetically connected and provides 15W charging speed.

● In the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro phones, Apple introduced LiDAR sensor technology

● Apple has removed chargers from phones.

● iPhone 12 and 12 Pro sales start on October 23, and iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max on November 13.

IPhone Islam's comment on Apple conferences:

There is a working method for Apple that applies in all its devices while updating the device, which are general improvements in the device in addition to amazing features in a new operating system and Roll out one key feature In each device and its marketing, depending on it, the feature was as follows:

  • The first iPhone: a device that did not exist previously.
  • IPhone 3G: Support 3G network.
  • IPhone 3GS: Improvements in device speed.
  • IPhone 4: the Retina screen.
  • IPhone 4S: Siri, the personal assistant.
  • IPhone 5: the new size.
  • IPhone 5s: Touch ID "fingerprint".
  • IPhone 6 and 6 Plus: the new size.
  • IPhone 6s: XNUMXD Touch.
  • IPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Home touch button and dual camera.
  • IPhone 8 and 8 Plus: glass back and wireless charging.
  • IPhone X: a new shape screen, without edges, with a distinctive bump, face print feature.
  • IPhone Xs: Dual SIM support, and the addition of a larger screen category, Xs Max
  • IPhone 11: dual camera with more features, reduced price, and new colors.
  • IPhone 11 Pro: the first Apple phone that supports three cameras, also a battery that lasts 4 hours longer than the previous device.
  • iPhone 12: Support for 5G networks and MagSafe technology
  • iPhone 12 Pro: Support for LiDAR sensor technology

Will the point of sales of the new iPhone 2021 is the frequency of 120Hz for the screen? Or a battery that lasts all day, or a competitive discount price?

Any conference and change in the history of the iPhone do you see the most prominent? Has Apple become a traditional Apple conference, so it is easy to anticipate and thus we are not dazzled by the conferences, or is it really not that impressive? Is there any hope at this year's conference to change this stereotype?

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