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Apple recently released the iOS 15.4.1 and iPadOS 15.4.1 update for iPhone and iPad, which is a minor update that comes only two weeks after the previous major update, and this update contains a fix for the battery draining error faster than expected and also fixes a very serious vulnerability …

New in iOS 15.4.1 according to Apple ...

This update includes the following bug fixes...

  • Battery may drain faster than expected after updating to iOS 15.4
  • Braille devices may not respond while browsing text or displaying an alert
  • “Made for iPhone” audio device connection may be lost in some third-party apps

Before updating, make sure to take a backup copy of the contents of your device, whether on iCloud or on the iTunes application

To update your device, take the following steps ...


Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, it will show you that an update is available.


You can click on Learn more to view the update details


To download the update, you must connect to Wi-Fi and preferably connect your device to the charger, then press the “Download and Install” button.

The passcode entry screen will appear.

You may see the Terms and Conditions screen, accept them.



After the update is finished, the device will restart. After several steps, the update will be completed.

This update is very important, although it is a sub-update. First, it solves a problem that some have experienced, which is the battery draining quickly, and also closes a loophole that tells Apple that it was already heavily exploited, so it should occur without hesitation.

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