“Stronger than the glass of any smartphone,” this is how Apple described the ceramic shield that it brought to its latest iPhone devices (iPhone 12 and 13), which can provide four times better screen protection when falling compared to other phones. This means that the iPhone lineup -iPhone 12 or IPhone 13 More durable compared to older versions when it comes to cracking and cracking the screen, but did you know that newer iPhones are more susceptible to scratches compared to older versions that are more resistant to scratches, let's find out why.

ceramic shield

 While Gorilla Glass was the screen savior in many Android phones, Apple decided to strengthen the new iPhone devices and make them more resistant. That is why I commissioned Corning to make a special glass from Gorilla that is exclusive to its devices. Indeed, Apple had a Ceramic Shield.

And the ceramic shield is nano-ceramic crystals embedded inside the glass in order to improve durability, and according to the tests conducted by many with the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, the results were better than previous versions and even from the leading Android phones, but the problem was not in the durability and the screen’s resistance to fall but at ease scratch the screen.

iPhone and scratches

maybe devices IPhone Modern is more durable and can withstand falling and prevent screen shattering, but the question here is, why the screen in the new iPhone devices is more prone to scratches, unlike older versions of the iPhone, which do not scratch easily?

Let me take you for one of the physics lessons that I hated, you should know that glass cannot be resistant to drops and scratches at the same level, because the relationship is inverse, meaning, the more resistant the screen is, the more resistant it is to scratches and vice versa, the more The better the resistance of the iPhone screen to scratching, the more likely it is to break.

In the end, you may say that the broken screen is terrifying unlike scratches that may not affect anything, you are really right, but the scratches are annoying and you can avoid scratches on the iPhone screen and reduce them through a screen protector of glass or plastic and preferably glass for greater protection and if If you think it is too late for your screen, you should still consider using a screen protector. Of course, using a screen protector will not remove scratches retroactively but it will hide existing scratches and reduce scratches that may occur later.

Does your new device get scratches quickly and do you use a screen protector, tell us in the comments



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