Sometimes when you buy a new iPhone from abroad or buy a used iPhone, you get an error “The SIM card is not supported” or “The SIM card is invalid.” This happens when the SIM card is inserted into the device. If you see this message, it probably means that your device has been locked out of use For telecom companies, and currently there are not many solutions to this problem except AnyUnlock برنامج Which removes SIM card restrictions within 5 minutes. And after 3 simple steps, you can unlock the SIM card by yourself.

SIM card not supported issue

If you search for a solution to this problem on the Internet, you will find some suggesting contacting telecom companies, and you will spend days calling mobile service providers to unlock your iPhone, and you will not reach any result with them. You will find sites on the Internet asking you for the IMEI code and paying in advance to unlock your iPhone. Of course, there is a risk that information may be leaked by providing IMEI to unverified stores.

So the best solution is to use AnyUnlock برنامج Which can easily bypass this problem

AnyUnlock program has many advantages

Not only is it possible to unlock the iPhone on all networks, but AnyUnlock has many advantages…

Like unlocking iCloud and activation lock from iPhone or iPad and activating the device easily, if you got a used device stuck in the “Activation Lock” screen, or you have an iPhone or iPad that is locked and protected by the iCloud lock, or you forgot your Apple ID or password? AnyUnlock will save you from these problems.

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