We mentioned on part One Some of the most important new features in the update iOS 16.1 You can see it from here LinkIn this article, we continue the second part of the new features and improvements that came in the iOS 16.1 update.

Delete Apple Wallet

If you don't use Apple Pay, Apple Cash, or Apple Card, or store any cards or tickets in the Wallet, you can now delete the Wallet app. Previously, you could only remove it from the Home screen, and it is hidden in the App Library, but now you can delete it completely and forever.

Sharing the key in the wallet

If you ever get a digital key stored in your Wallet app, like a key to your car or hotel room, you can now share it with other iPhone users using Messages, WhatsApp and other messaging apps. People can also share their keys with you.

New edit for backgrounds

Apple continues to make background tweaks and improvements, and the iOS 16.1 update brings better options via Settings -> Wallpapers. Before, you could only customize your existing wallpapers or add two new wallpapers for the home screen and lock screen, you couldn't switch between them. The new interface fixes that.

The wallpaper settings will show the two current wallpapers, you can swipe left or right to find the wallpapers you want to switch to, and you can press Set as current to make the change. While there is a redesigned Add New Wallpaper button below the previews, you can also swipe left to the end of the previews and hit the + sign in the empty group to create and use two new wallpapers.

Hide reader controls in books

A major issue many users had with the updated Books app on iOS 16 was that the reader controls were always on the screen. In the iOS 16.1 update, it automatically disappears when you start reading, and disappears after a few seconds. You can also click the page once to hide it or show it again.

Scroll to a specific part of the text in Safari

Big update in Safari in iOS 16.1 which is support for sharing and highlighting a piece of text in a location. You may have seen this in other browsers, where the URL you share links to a specific text snippet on the web page, then highlights the text and passes directly to it when the page loads.

On iOS 16.1, select a text, share the page, and this link will go directly to that part of the article, highlighting the text.

Changes to the screenshot editor

When you click on the thumbnail after taking a screenshot to open the editor, everything should look the same until it's time to exit the editor. Click Done, and instead of the big Actions window taking up the lower half of the screen, you'll get a smaller window near the Done button.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

If you use Family Sharing or Family Sharing to share content with family members, iCloud Shared Photo Library is another feature that you can take advantage of right now. It is a separate media library that can be shared with up to five users, and everyone can add, edit, add to favorites, comment on and delete content.

You can include all of your photos in the shared library or specific photos. People can also add content manually or share media automatically via a setting in the Camera app, using Bluetooth, or from sharing suggestions in the For You section.

Content from your iCloud Shared Photo Library may appear in Photos, under Photos Featured in For You, or as Memory Videos. Also, there are filters for quickly switching between the shared library, the personal library, or both libraries together.

The feature is a bit complicated and we will devote a detailed article on how to use it, God willing.

Game Center improvements

The Contacts app will display your friends' Game Center profiles, and you can tap on them to see what games they're playing and what they've achieved. And they should enable the new option in Game Center for “Help Your Friends Find You” or from the new splash screen called “Help Your Friends Find You.”

And if you don't want others to find you in their contacts apps, you can turn off allowing this in your settings.

About this, Apple said:

Help your Game Center friends find you more easily based on the name they have for you in their Contacts app. To do this, Game Center will use the email address and phone number associated with your Apple ID.

Multiplayer games that work with Game Center are also expected to work with SharePlay, so you can play games with your friends during FaceTime calls.

Adjusting the charging indicator in the lock screen

When you power your iPhone on iOS 16.0.2 and earlier, it displays the battery icon on the lock screen with the current battery percentage below it. In the iOS 16.1 update, it shows the current charging over the battery, and when you tap the iPhone to wake it up, you'll also see the current charging over the time to keep you updated on charging progress.

Turn on or disable swipe to adjust volume on AirPods Pro 2

The iOS 16.1 update adds a new key for AirPods Pro 2 settings called “Volume Swipe.” With it turned on, which was the only option before iOS 16.1, you can adjust the volume by swiping up or down on the sensor on the stem of your AirPods Pro. When it's off, swiping won't do anything, which is useful in case you swipe by mistake.

iOS 16.1 Problems

We know that there are always many bugs and issues in iOS, such as stuck on Apple logo/black screen/white screen/recovery mode, etc. If you encounter these issues when upgrading your device to iOS 16.1 you can use Tenorshare ReiBoot To solve various system errors and iOS 16 problems. The development team at Tenorshare has researched more than 150 iOS system problems and faults, and developed a professional repair software to solve them. Besides, it provides Tenor share Professional after-sales customer service team, providing you with any questions and answers anywhere to help you solve any problem. What should you do if you are not satisfied with the results of ReiBoot repair? You can get a full refund within 30 days. You can download Tenorshare ReiBoot And install it for free now.


Which features did you like in this part? Were you wishing for an advantage that did not come yet? Tell us in the comments.


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