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News on the sidelines Week Mar 5 - Mar 11

iPhone 15 will come with Wi-Fi 6E technology

According to a research note from Barclays analysts, the upcoming iPhone 15 is expected to support Wi-Fi 6E technology, although it is not clear whether this feature will be available on all models or just the Pro versions.

Apple added Wi-Fi 6E support to a limited number of devices such as the latest 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini, while all iPhone 14 models are still limited to Wi-Fi 6.

Wi-Fi 6 operates on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands while Wi-Fi 6E also operates on the 6GHz band, allowing for faster wireless speeds, lower latency, and less signal interference. To take advantage of these benefits, the device must be connected to a Wi-Fi 6E router, which is available from companies such as TP-Link, Asus, and Netgear.

Apple starts selling refurbished iPhone 13

This week, Apple began selling refurbished iPhone 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max models for the first time in the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain, at 15% off prices compared to new iPhone 13 models, and will be available in the US soon in a few days. .

The refurbished iPhone is unlocked, comes with new batteries, a new chassis, and a new box that includes a USB-C to Lightning cable. It comes with a one-year warranty from Apple and is covered by AppleCare + warranty. These refurbished products go through a thorough testing and cleaning process, and are virtually identical to brand new devices.

Mac mini and MacBook Pro are slower than previous models

The 256GB and 512GB Mac mini and the 512GB MacBook Pro are reported to have slower SSD speeds compared to the previous models. The exact reason behind the slow speeds is not clear, but it could be due to using a different type of SSD or a change in the manufacturing process. It is important to note that the storage capacity and general performance of the device may still be sufficient for most users and tasks, but for those who need high-speed data transfers or use extensive storage, this may be something.

Apple releases HomePod 16.3 update with new features

Apple recently released HomePod version 16.3, which includes many new features and improvements. Such as sensing humidity and temperature for both the second-generation HomePod and HomePod mini, allowing it to use those readings in home automation based on room conditions.

and Find My improvements, which let you locate your HomePod even when it's not connected to Wi-Fi.

Surround sound is also re-tuned to be more comprehensive, including adjusting the sound balance, the intensity of certain frequencies, and more.

Additionally, the update also includes bug fixes, security improvements, and general performance improvements.

In a new video clip, Apple highlights the privacy features of the iPhone

In celebration of Data Privacy Day on January 28th, Apple recently released a short film that highlights privacy features on the iPhone. It stars Jason Sudeikis, who plays the character Ted Lasso on the hit TV show of the same name. The short film is a comic about how iPhone privacy features protect the user's personal information and data from sharing or accessing them without their knowledge or consent, including mail privacy protection, intelligent tracking prevention, and transparent application tracking. The film is designed to educate consumers and inform them of the importance of privacy and how iPhone features can help protect it.

Samsung launches the first OLED touch screen laptop

Samsung is preparing to launch its first OLED laptop screen with touch sensors next week. The new screen technology has many benefits for laptops, such as improved picture quality, better color accuracy, and faster response times.

In addition, the built-in touch sensors will allow users to interact with their devices in a more natural way, similar to smartphones and tablets. This is a big step for Samsung, as OLED technology has traditionally been used in smartphones and televisions, and this will be the first time it has been used in laptops. The company is expected to showcase the new screen technology in the new Galaxy Book models at an event next week.

The screens are expected to come in 13-inch and 16-inch sizes, support for 3K resolution and refresh rates of up to 120Hz.

Apple has been accused of hypocrisy by the Advertising Industry Alliance over its anti-tracking policy

A trade group in the ad industry including Meta and Alphabet (Google and Facebook) called the “Coalition for App Fairness” has criticized Apple for its anti-tracking policy on the iPhone, accusing Apple of being “hypocritical” and “cynical” for implementing its own policy on third-party apps. But it does not apply to their applications and services. The group states that the policy hurts small businesses and developers who rely on targeted ads to monetize their apps.

Mixed reality glasses come with an iOS-like interface and advanced features

According to recent rumors and reports, the mixed reality headset is expected to feature an interface similar to the iOS interface. It is expected to have advanced hand tracking capabilities, allowing users to interact with virtual environments in a more natural way.

It is also rumored that mixed reality glasses will be able to act as a second display for the Mac, allowing users to run Mac apps on the glasses screen, and control the Mac using a physical keyboard, trackpad, or mouse.

Eye and hand tracking will be a major selling point, as Apple will use external cameras that can analyze the user's hands and eyes. According to Bloomberg, the wearer will be able to control it by looking at an item on the screen to select it, then using gestures to activate the item that appears on the screen. Apple will not rely on an actual console.

There is no doubt that these are all rumors, and Apple has not yet confirmed them.

Apple is in a difficult position appealing against the UK's investigation into the App Store's policies

In its appeal, Apple takes a critical stance against the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation into Apple’s dominance in mobile browsers and restrictions on cloud gaming. The CMA is investigating whether Apple’s policies and practices restrict competition on its App Store.

Apple is said to be playing a difficult role in the appeal, arguing that the CMA's investigation is based on a misunderstanding of Apple's business model and the way the App Store operates. Apple also stated that the solutions proposed by the Capital Markets Authority would harm the user experience and the security of the App Store.

It should be noted that this is an ongoing legal process and the outcome is not yet clear. The final decision is based on the evidence presented and the legal arguments presented by the parties during the appeal.

iPhone 15 Pro will come with very thin curved edges

In recent rumors that it is expected that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro will feature very thin curved edges in a more modern design that makes the iPhone more comfortable to hold and use with a design similar to the Apple Watch 7 and 8, in addition to a larger screen area.

AirTag helps rescuers find a lost dog in a California flood

It was recently reported that the AirTag tracking device helped rescuers find a dog lost in a flood in California. The dog's owner had attached the AirTag to the dog's collar before the flood, and when the dog went missing, the dog's owner used the Find My app to track its location. This information was then passed on to rescuers, who were able to locate the dog and return it to its owner.

Twitter officially bans all third party apps

Twitter has announced that it will officially ban all third-party apps from its platform. This means that all third-party apps that use the Twitter API to integrate with each other will no longer have access to this integration, including tweeting, retweeting, liking, and other core functionality of the platform.

Twitter stated that this decision was taken in order to protect user data and improve public safety. The company also said that it is developing its own official apps for various platforms, including Mac and Windows, which will provide a more consistent and secure experience for users.

Twitter users will have to use the official apps or the web version. Some third-party apps may still work, but you won't have access to the latest features and they won't be supported by Twitter.

Benchmark results for the graphics performance of the M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets

Recent Benchmark results revealed the graphics performance of the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips compared to the previous generation of chips, as the results indicate that the M2 Pro and M2 Max chip offers up to 30% better graphics performance compared to the previous generation M1 Pro and M1 Max.

It should be noted that these are standard results and actual processor performance may vary depending on the computer and specific usage conditions. Additionally, these results are from early testing and have not been confirmed by others.

Miscellaneous news

◉ With the iOS 16.2 update, Apple introduced an updated HomeKit infrastructure and the Home app, but it was pulled a week after launch due to errors and installation issues. Apple said at the time that the removal was temporary and that the option to upgrade "will return soon."

◉ Starting today, the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros and Mac mini are available for pickup at Apple Stores in the United States and some other countries, without pre-ordering. Pre-orders will reach customers today as well.

◉ It seems that the demand for the new second generation HomePod is high. This causes shipping times to be delayed by up to weeks in certain markets, and that people who pre-order the device may have to wait several weeks before receiving it.

◉ According to Mark Gurman, Apple is not currently working on a new version of the HomePod Mini in the near future. He stated that Apple is focusing instead on improving the software and performance of the current HomePod mini.

◉ Apple continues to develop OLED screens for the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models that will be announced in 2024 and 2026, respectively.

This is not all the news that is on the sidelines, but we have brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for the non-specialist to occupy himself with all the incoming and outgoing. And help you with it, and if it robbed you of your life and got busy with it, there is no need for it.


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