Congratulations from the iPhone Islam team to all our followers on the occasion of the month of blessing and mercy, the blessed month of Ramadan, and we ask God Almighty to accept from you and from us our fasting and our prayers.

In welcoming the blessed Ramadan, the month of blessing and mercy, he, peace and blessings be upon him, says: “Ramadan, the lord of months, has come to you, so you are welcome and welcomeRamadan is the month of worship and obedience, the month of chastity and purity, purification and serenity, Ramadan is the month of repentance and fasting, prayer and standing, Ramadan is the month of generosity, the Qur’an and charity, the month of tahajjud and Tarawih prayers, dhikr and praises, for it there is joy in the hearts of the righteous, and joy in the hearts of the servants, so we ask God to He writes us in it from the flames.

Apply to My Prayer for free

We are pleased on the occasion of the holy month and as we used to offer you a free application to my prayers during the month of Ramadan.

The To My Prayer application is free so that we can make sure that the whole world has downloaded it for free, so hurry up and tell your friends

To my prayers this year is different

Every year in Ramadan, we offer the To My Prayer app for free to all users of Apple devices around the world, but in previous years we used to give My Prayer as a gift and it has not happened for years, but this year, thanks to God, the To My Prayer app has been updated several times, and thanks to God it is now One of the best prayer applications on the Apple Store, most of those who used To My Prayer praised the application, its accuracy and mastery in its making, and we were not satisfied to present the application as a gift this year until after it was updated and added wonderful features on the occasion of the month of Ramadan,

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

The To My Prayer application is completely free, only the themes are paid in the application, you can buy one theme, or several themes, or through a simple annual subscription to get all the themes for free and any upcoming themes, and also supports the application, the purpose of the annual subscription is to provide a field for those who have the desire To support the continued development of the application. You can use the application with all its features for free. Do not forget that, themes are not essential, they are only encouragement for those who want support.

Download the application immediately, and share this article to benefit everyone, and Happy New Year

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Courtesy of Mohamed Talbani

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