Apple has cracked down on generative AI tools such as Chat GPT Google Bard, Microsoft GitHub Copilot, and others, but the reason is not jealousy as you think, as Apple is working on its own version (away from Siri) in order to catch up, and not stray from the conversational bot race, but what the iPhone maker fears is that these tools cannot predict what She will, and this could put her secret technology at risk of being leaked.


Apple and chatbots

The Wall Street Journal said that the explosion of the popularity of chatbots, led by ChatGPT during the recent period, made it the focus of everyone's attention, and it began to be relied upon by many, even Apple employees use ChatGPT and the Microsoft GitHub Copilot tool that operates with artificial intelligence to generate code, and here I thought Apple a little, and decided that it was time to prevent its employees from using various generative artificial intelligence tools, as the newspaper sees that Apple is concerned that these tools may reveal confidential information about its very important projects, which spend billions of dollars on developing them in secret for long periods.

Generative AI tools

The ChatGPT chatbot is developed by OpenAI, which is supported by Microsoft, and uses artificial intelligence to answer questions and conduct human-like conversations, the same with Google Bard, which relies on artificial intelligence to respond to user questions and inquiries naturally. GitHub Copilot for Microsoft helps programmers create and complete code commands.

So far everything is great, so what's the problem? The answer, my friend, in short, the generative AI tools that we reviewed some of them a little while ago, when we use them, those tools automatically send our data to their developers to be trained on them, and they get smarter over time and our data is also subject to review by the tool's administrators for research In addition, because generative AI tools are still in early stages of development, bugs occasionally pop up, such as the one ChatGPT encountered in March, where users were able to view someone else's chat history including Information about his payment process due to OpenAI retaining conversations for up to 30 days before permanently deleting them.

To protect its secret projects, Apple could follow in the footsteps of Amazon, which has its own artificial intelligence tool, and is said to encourage its engineers to use it instead of competitor-supported platforms. , welcomed the application within the App Store where anyone can download it on the iPhone and iPad without any problem.

Finally, Apple is not the first tech giant to ban the use of ChatGPT. Earlier this year, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Verizon and even Samsung banned the use of AI chatbots for employees. Due to similar concerns of data leakage and to address this issue, there is an urgent need to regulate this new technology to maintain the privacy and security of users.

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