Announcing a new Apple Pencil with a hidden USB-C port, and launching the public beta version of the iOS 17.1 update. The iOS 17.1 update may be launched on October 24, and Apple Glasses are at a discounted price of $1500. Tim Cook makes a surprise visit to China for these reasons. Microsoft acquires the gaming company. Activision Blizzard for $69 billion, and other exciting news on the sidelines...

iOS 17.1 update does not fix the error that the iPhone turns off during the night

The upcoming iOS 17.1 update does not fix the problem of some iPhones turning off unexpectedly during the night. This can stop alarms and silence notifications. Many users, especially those who have the iPhone 15, have reported this issue. They discovered the problem when their iPhone asked for a passcode in the morning, or if their alarm didn't go off at the specified time. You can check if your iPhone is off by looking at the Battery section in Settings to see if there is a charging gap. Apple hasn't said when it will fix this.

The foldable iPad is in the “intensive development” stage.

Apple is working hard on creating a foldable iPad, which may be announced in 2024 or 2025. It seems that Apple has been designing foldable products for four years, starting with the iPad before thinking about a foldable iPhone. Since iPads are not the best sellers, it is easier for Apple to test this new design without major risks. It's still working on the final design, especially the foldable and hinged screen, to make sure it's durable and affordable. Mass production of Apple's first foldable device is expected to begin in 2025. It is believed that the foldable device could boost iPad sales, leading to an uptick in already shrinking global tablet sales.

Apple is investigating a screen flickering issue with the Apple Watch 9 and Ultra 2

Apple is investigating an issue where some Apple Watches, especially the newer 9 Ultra2, have a screen brightness that flickers when Always On Display is turned on. Many people have talked about this problem online. Apple asked its service centers not to fix this problem, but it suggested users keep their watch system updated, indicating that it may fix the problem by issuing a new update soon. For now, users can turn off the Always On Display setting if they encounter this issue. In addition, Apple is investigating another issue where some details of the Watch face, such as the Activity rings, may turn pink for a short period.

iOS 17.1 update fixes an issue similar to screen burn-in

The upcoming iOS 17.1 update will soon fix an issue that looked like screen burn-in on the iPhone 15 and some older models. Some thought the problem was a hardware issue with the phone's screen, but it's actually a software issue. This update will also fix other issues such as privacy setting issue, missing ringtones for text messages, and slow keyboard. It also improves how newer iPhones detect car crashes.

Announcing a new Apple Pencil with a hidden USB-C port

Apple introduced a new, cheap $79 Pen that has a USB-C charging port under a sliding cover. It looks like a second generation device and can be connected to the iPad where it goes into sleep mode to save battery. This pen is useful for taking notes and drawing, but it doesn't have some features like pressure sensitivity or wireless charging. It works with iPads that have a USB-C port and will be available in November. Older Apple Pencils still cost $99 and $129.

Microsoft acquires gaming company Activision Blizzard for $69 billion

Microsoft has received permission from the UK regulator to buy video game company Activision Blizzard. Under the new agreement, Ubisoft, another gaming company, will distribute Activision games. The UK regulatory body approved this because it ensures fair prices and more options for players. Microsoft had been trying for nearly two years to buy Activision, a large gaming company known for games like Call of Duty. This purchase will help Microsoft offer more games on its Xbox Game Pass service, which allows users to play different games for a monthly fee. This service works on iPhone and iPad, but each game needs separate approval from the Apple App Store.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Google is updating the Chrome address bar to help users find websites more easily. If you misspell a website address, Chrome will suggest the correct one based on your history. For example, if you've visited the Flights page on Google before, typing “flights” will suggest that link. Typo Fix also exists on both computers and iPhones, but the suggestion feature is only available on computers at the moment. You can also search your saved bookmarks from the address bar and Chrome will show popular websites even if you're not there. In addition, the PC version also looks better and runs faster.

◉ Apple has introduced a new update for the AirPods Pro 2 with a Lightning port and for the AirPods Pro 2 with a USB-C port. This update comes shortly after the update that was issued last October 10, and Apple did not mention the features of this version, but it undoubtedly contains general updates and improvements.

◉ Five employees in the Apple App Store in China were fired for violating Apple’s rules, which is not to meet application developers in person or accept any gifts from them, but they received free meals and went with them to nightclubs. Employees cannot accept or reject any apps, but they are able to suggest them so that they appear in the App Store and are more likely to be downloaded.

◉ Apple will not release a second-generation version of its AirTag trackers until 2025, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Last August, Kuo said mass production would begin in the fourth quarter of 2024, suggesting a launch in late 2024 or early 2025.

◉ MacBook sales have dropped a lot this year; Because it did not launch any new models in the remainder of 2023. Sales are expected to be 30% lower than last year. One of the main reasons is that fewer people are buying the 15-inch MacBook Air. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple may be waiting to release new models next year with better chips. But he's not sure whether these new models will boost sales. It is believed that Apple may not witness significant growth as before; Because the reasons people bought more MacBooks, like working from home during the pandemic or switching from older models, no longer exist.

◉ Apple has introduced a new version of the tenth generation iPad in China that supports the virtual chip eSIM, allowing users to connect to cellular networks without an actual SIM card. This feature is only available with China Unicom at this time, and only for this specific iPad model (A3162). People can pre-order this iPad starting October 19, and it will be available on October 25. The eSIM makes it easier for users to switch cellular plans, especially when traveling.

◉ Apple is expected to launch a new, high-quality iMac with a 2025-inch Mini-LED screen in 32, as predicted by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Some believe it could be the next version of the “iMac Pro” that was discontinued in 2019. Recently, Apple has been focusing on other products, and it has not released a larger iMac since discontinuing the 27-inch model in 2022. The 32-inch iMac will use inches advanced screen technology similar to the expensive Pro Display XDR that Apple currently sells. Design details of the new iMac have not yet been confirmed, but it may look more modern with thinner bezels.

◉ Apple plans to release a new 24-inch iMac computer next year, as suggested by Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman. This new iMac may have an M3 chip, which is more powerful and efficient than the previous M1 chip used in the 2021 iMac. There have been some talks about a version with an M2 chip, but it looks like that may not be the case.

◉ The iOS 17.1 update aims to fix issues where Screen Time settings do not sync properly across devices. Some parents who use Screen Time to set limits on their children's device use have found that these settings sometimes don't work properly. Apple tried to fix this issue before with another update but it persisted. This new update, which will be released next week, hopes to solve the sync issues.

◉ Apple has launched public beta versions of iOS 17.1, iPadOS 17.1, macOS Sonoma 14.1, watchOS 10.1, and tvOS 17.1 updates.

◉ Tim Cook made an unexpected visit to China after reports stated that the new iPhone 15 is not selling as well as last year’s iPhone 14 in China. He went to an Apple Store in Chengdu, watched a game, and talked to shoppers. He also visited a school to see how children use iPads. This visit occurred immediately after news emerged that sales of the iPhone 15 dropped by 4.5% compared to the iPhone 14, causing Apple's stock price to decline. Some people in China were not happy with the photos shared by Tim Cook on Weibo, saying that the iPhone 15's camera quality appears to be worse than the Chinese phone's camera.

◉ Apple plans to release a more affordable version of Vision Pro glasses, which cost $3500. According to analyst Mark Gurman, the price of this cheaper model could range from $1500 to $2500. To reduce the cost, Apple may use lower-quality displays, a chip like the iPhone instead of the M chips in Mac devices, remove some features such as the EyeSight feature (which shows the wearer's eyes) and reduce the number of cameras and sensors. Apple is also working on a newer version of the glasses that could be smaller, lighter, and may include direct prescription lenses.

◉ Apple is scheduled to release iOS 17.1 update by October 24 to address concerns about levels Radiation for iPhone 12. The French group ANFR found that the iPhone 12's radiation exceeded the limits set in the European Union. Apple believes there is an error in the test, but will continue to adjust the phone's settings in France. This means that the iPhone 12 may not work well in areas with weak cellular signals. The update also provides other features that we will talk about in detail in due course.

◉ Apple and its Wi-Fi chip supplier, Broadcom, have fought a long legal battle with the California Institute of Technology over some Wi-Fi technology patents. The California Institute of Technology said that Apple and Broadcom used their technology in devices such as the iPhone without permission. A court once required Apple and Broadcom to pay Caltech $1.1 billion, but another court said that was too much. They were scheduled to undergo another trial to determine the appropriate amount, but now the three have agreed to settle, and Caltech will drop the lawsuit.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with every incoming and outgoing, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not let the devices distract you or distract you from your life and duties, and know that technology exists to make life easier for you And help you with it, and if your life robs you, and you get busy with it, then there is no need for it.


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