Activity dominates the atmosphere inside Meta Company! As WhatsApp announced the release of a new feature for voice chat for large groups. In addition to some hints by the head of WhatsApp to the possibility of displaying ads within the application in the future. Follow this article with us, and we will share all the information about the new voice chat feature and discuss the WhatsApp CEO’s talk about ads.

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What is the voice chat feature for large groups?

WhatsApp has announced a new feature for voice chat for large groups, which is very similar to the one on the Discord platform. Although voice calls on the WhatsApp application can handle 32 people, this feature came to improve the user experience in group calls. You can also read about the latest feature introduced by WhatsApp To search for messages.

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The new feature aims to reduce the distraction and inconvenience that occurs in group calls. But from now on, your voice chat will start surprisingly quietly, without any distracting ringing. In addition, the new way to join the conversation is to click on the bubble inside the chat. From here you will be able to communicate with people who have already joined the conversation, and you will not disturb others who cannot join.

Not only that, you can also unmute and hang up without having to leave the chat, all through the controls located at the top of the chat. As for the official launch date of the voice chat feature for large groups, it is expected to be ready within the next few weeks.

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As usual, WhatsApp takes every opportunity to express its interest in protecting voice chats with end-to-end encryption by default. Protecting users' privacy is the priority after all. In addition, many features and developments will be announced in the coming period.

Possibility of displaying ads in status and channels

During an interview between Will Cathcart, President of WhatsApp, and media outlets in Brazil, some intentions related to displaying ads within the WhatsApp application were revealed. Will Cathcart noted that so far the company does not intend to display ads within chats. But express the possibility that these ads will appear in different locations in the application, such as status or channels.

Will continued his speech by saying that displaying advertisements within the chat is an idea that is not on the table at the present time. But its display in channels or status is not far from reality. In addition to the possibility of channels charging people fees for subscribing, or they will become exclusive to members who pay for the subscription, this will facilitate the idea of ​​promoting the channel.

Last September, the Financial Times published a report stating that WhatsApp would implement the idea of ​​in-app advertising. But Will Cathcart categorically denied this. In the same context, WhatsApp placed ads in the status in 2019, but within the trial version, and it was not released in the general version at that time.

As for Meta, it did not provide any details or plans indicating the existence of plans to launch advertisements in any product, condition, or channel, and it did not deny the opposite either. Until now, WhatsApp has relied on commercial versions of the app and click-to-calls found on other platforms such as Facebook.

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What do you think of the voice chat feature for large groups in the WhatsApp application? Do you agree to display ads within the chat? Tell us in the comments.



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