An update came iOS 17.2 With many features on top of it Diary application What's new is other than improvements to the system in general, and Apple certainly does not neglect the camera and photo applications, especially in a major update like this. It has added some expected features and changes that we will learn about in some detail in this article.

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Spatial video capture

Apple Vision Pro spatial video recording is now available on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone Pro Max models. To enable spatial video capture:

◉ Open Settings, then go to Camera > Formats.

◉ Switch to “Vision Pro Spatial Video”.

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During spatial video recording:

◉ Turn on the camera and go to video mode.

◉ Keep the iPhone horizontal and stable while recording.

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◉ You will see an Apple Glass shape. Click on it to activate it. You will be guided during the capture.

◉ Press the record button to start capturing spatial video.

Spatial videos are recorded at 30 frames per second and at 1080p resolution. One minute of spatial video footage consumes about 130 MB of storage space.

View and edit spatial videos:

Spatial videos are saved to Recents, Videos, and a dedicated “My Place” album within the Photos app. The “My Place” classification will be displayed in the corner of the video thumbnail, similar to the cinema classification, personal photos, and live photos. Currently, editing options for spatial videos are limited to trim and mute only.

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Faster telephoto photography on iPhone 15 Pro models

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The update applies only to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, and includes an improved focus speed for the Telephoto camera. You will notice faster focus when taking pictures of distant objects, especially when using the 5x optical zoom.

Disable music access to photos

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When the Photos app creates a memory for you, it uses the Music app to assign a song to that memory. When you open Photos after updating to iOS 17.2, you should be prompted to allow or deny Photos access to the Music app, Music & Video Activity, and your Media Library. Once you grant permission, the Photos app will start adding music to your Memories automatically.

You can also find this option in Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Media and Music.

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