After the WhatsApp platform launched many new features during the year 2023, such as sending voice messages once, Voice chat feature For large groups and silence unknown callers. Now the news indicates that WhatsApp is working on issuing a new feature, which is the user name instead of the phone number. Follow this article with us, we will explain to you all the information about the new feature and how to use it.

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What is the username feature of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is always concerned about users' privacy. This is a simple analysis based on what we see in 2023 from the release of permanent privacy features and security improvements. Let me explain the username feature to you; In short, this feature will save you the need to disclose your phone number. Instead of your phone number appearing, the other person will appear with your username that you will prepare yourself.

The WhatsApp platform is currently conducting tests in preparation for launching the new feature for the browser version. But once it is successful, this feature will certainly be available to all users, whether via computer or phone. It is worth noting that this feature has been subjected to many tests since last May through the WhatsApp application on smartphones. We have to tell you that, the feature is optional meaning you can cancel it whenever you want. Let me remind you that the WhatsApp platform added the ability to search for any person from contacts via the username feature.

But until now, there is no complete idea about how this feature will work, or how we will be able to search for our friends via WhatsApp using only the username. But it will certainly represent great benefits for users, especially in official business dealings.

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What are WhatsApp's plans regarding user privacy?

Currently, WhatsApp is testing a new feature called Alternate Profile Name. Through this feature, you will be able to hide your personal information from unknown people  by creating a different name and photo. Moreover, with the alternate profile feature you can control your original profile and block it from anyone in your contacts.

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What's new for WhatsApp Web users?

WhatsApp is working on developing the user interface for the web version. It also wants to add new colors to the night mode, in order to reduce eye strain. In the same context, WhatsApp will add a sidebar that increases the beauty of the interface, and contains the same buttons found in the current bar.

The WhatsApp platform is currently interested in improving the visual experience, based on numerous requests from users and opinions that indicate that the current interface is a bit boring. As for smartphones, WhatsApp has made some designs for user interface elements for Android and iOS. Moreover, WhatsApp specifically changed the position of the navigation bar, placing it at the bottom.

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What do you think of the username feature that will be released soon? Do you find it useful? Tell us in the comments.



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