The electronic war between the United States and China has begun!! This is after Apple received an order to remove WhatsApp and Twitter in China. And all because the Chinese government found content that violates China's cybersecurity law. In addition to some inflammatory statements against Chinese President Xi Jinping. Here are all the details in the following paragraphs, God willing.

By order of the Chinese authorities, Apple removes WhatsApp and Twitter from the App Store in China

On the recommendation of internet censors in China, Apple removed the WhatsApp and Twitter applications from its app store in China. This is what Apple's official spokesperson told CNN. The statement was as follows: “We are committed to following the laws within the countries in which we operate, even if we have reservations about some things or do not agree with these laws.

It is worth noting that the Cyberspace Administration of China removed the WhatsApp Words application from the App Store based on some security concerns. But these apps are still available for download in all other stores where they appear.

In a related context, Duncan Clark, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BDA China, said that Apple’s removal of the WhatsApp and Words application represents a major divergence between China and the rest of the countries around the world. He also added that this behavior may disturb many users and companies inside China. These applications are very important in communication between customers and companies. He added that using VPNs is impractical in the long term. These applications will need to be updated over time.

With everything that is happening, applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are still working in the Apple App Store in China very normally. Here, experts intervened and pointed out that orders to remove WhatsApp and Twitter in China had been planned since last August. A new rule has been issued requiring all applications to register with the Chinese government or be removed permanently. It is worth noting that the deadline for registration was final in March, and at the beginning of April, the Chinese government began taking the necessary measures.

Add to your information that this is not the first time that the Chinese government has decided to remove applications. Indeed, a similar situation occurred in 2017 when the Chinese government decided to remove the New York Times application. The justification at the time was that the application violated the state's local regulations. For the same reason, China decided to remove a number of applications for the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT.

Apple is in continuous decline in the Chinese market

So far, Apple's plan to revive its sales in China is not going the right way. Certainly, removing applications such as WhatsApp and Words in China will increase the decline in sales, or at least strain the relationship between Apple and Chinese users. Reports recently confirm that Apple has lost much of its popularity within China. On the other hand, the rise of some companies within China continues, such as Oppo, OnePlus, and Xiaomi.

But Apple is not the company that will surrender to these circumstances, as Apple CEO Tim Cook visited China to open the second largest company around the world in Shanghai. On the side of Apple's plans in Vision Pro glasses launched in China To revive its sales again.

What do you think of the Chinese authorities’ decision to remove the WhatsApp Words application in China? Do you think this will affect Apple's sales? Tell us in the comments.



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