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Can the iPhone be infected with viruses?

 Have you ever discovered that your iPhone is not working as usual? If your answer is yes, keep reading. Because we will answer, during the following lines, the question that is occupying your mind and thinking now, which is: Can the iPhone be infected with viruses?


IP Group reveals a Trojan targeting iOS users

Apple is on the verge of a new security vulnerability! iOS users have had their bank accounts hacked by a new Trojan called Gold Digger, as reported by Apple's IP Group. The hacking is done by creating deep fake images and accessing text messages and identity documents. Here are all the details in this article.


Make the iPhone unlock passcode impossible to hack

The only obstacle that prevents hackers, thieves, law enforcement, and even trusted individuals from accessing your device is to lock it with a strong passcode, but this is not completely impossible, there is a possibility to crack this passcode, we bring you a simple solution to make it almost impossible to a large degree, or even impossible Completely hacked...