The voice mail feature for mobile phones is a great feature used by many people, especially those who do not want to miss a single call, and the iPhone has optimized this feature in conjunction with the service provider AT&T and made voicemail stored on your device itself, you hear whatever you want from it and delete it as you like And, of course, whoever works on his phone with any network other than AT&T, the VoiceMail button will be disabled. If it is impossible to make it work the same way it does in the case of a subscription with AT&T, how do I make it at least work on the voice mail request of my network provider ??

The solution is very easy

  1. Press the Keypad button to get the dial pad and dial a number
  2. Dial the next number

    * 5005 * 86 * XXX #

  3. Switch the XXX with the voicemail number of your service provider, in Egypt for example Vodafone the voicemail number is 808
  4. Now press the "CALL" button to call

Now when you press the Voicemail button, the phone calls the voicemail number of your service provider to hear your voicemail

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