Perhaps we noticed how important the cameras have acquired in modern smartphones and the extent of the development that phones have begun to achieve in terms of photography! Now you can take distinctive pictures using any smart phone, whether in the middle or high class, but Apple on the other hand had a great precedent in this point, and perhaps we all remember the superiority that phones such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s were achieving, but the development The current big acclaim has made companies move more quickly to maintain their position, which is what prompted Apple to launch powerful features such as Deep Fusion and Night Mode, and about the second we will talk today.

Why didn't my old iPhones get Night Mode?

Night Mode

Usually, smartphone cameras struggle to photograph during the night, which is what prompted major companies to launch the night photography feature for their phones, a feature we already saw in Google Pixel, OnePlus, Samsung and finally Apple. Mostly this feature depends on the operating system more than its reliance on the hardware itself, which made us wonder ... why did this feature not come to older iPhones such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, as well as the 7 and 8.

The night mode has only come to iPhone 11 with its different versions, and it works automatically during the night, and specifically when the lighting is very weak, so it is most likely not different from that found in other Android phones and depends on the sotwire .. right? It doesn't look like this.

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Night mode depends on the iPhone 11 camera specifically

According to Apple, the night photography feature depends on the new camera that we saw in the iPhone 11, and here we are talking about the main camera, which comes with a wide angle lens, and although Apple does not talk much about the technical details of the cameras, it has stated the following:

“The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro come with a new wide sensor for the camera, which cooperates with the operating system as well as the new A13 processor to provide an excellent photographic experience even in low light, and as soon as you press the photograph button, the OIS optical stabilization technology stabilizes the image and then The software for the camera takes several pictures and merges them together. (ADVERTISEMENTS:)

Of course, this method is not much different from any other phone that offers night photography feature as well. It is not a glorification, which makes us doubt that the iPhone X and iPhone XS cannot actually do it! This brings us to the most exciting point ... Why does Apple not allow new technology for older phones, even though it is able to do so?

Why doesn't Apple allow night mode photography for older phones?

We offered you Apple's statement in the past, and here we have two options, either we believe that Apple is really not able to provide the new feature to older phones because of their hardware, or we believe that Apple is capable of that, but it does not want this because if we compare this story with Google, we will find that it may The Night Sight feature was launched in conjunction with the introduction of Pixel 3 last year, but then it sent the feature to older Pixel 2 phones and even Pixel 1! But this comparison may be unfair because the feature Google has depends on the software completely.

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In the following points, we will show you the most important reasons that may have prevented Apple from providing this feature to older phones, and it is naturally based on analyzing the general situation no more, as we have no information except that Apple will not allow the feature because of the hardware and with the permission of it personally, and for this we will start with This assumption:

The first theory: Hardware really won't allow this and Apple doesn't want to offer a weaker solution

Yes, this is the strongest assumption as we have mentioned more than once, and it is simply that the night mode will not work properly and satisfactorily except with the new camera and the A13 Bionic processor side by side, and we have shared with you in a previous article the fact that the new processor includes a new Neural Engine and focus Senior on machine learning techniques. On the other hand, perhaps Apple does not want to develop a night-time imaging system that depends entirely on the software, for fear that it will not work properly and with the required efficiency ... and this may be a failure.

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The second theory: Apple wants to make the night photography feature exclusive to the newer iPhone

Everyone may find this theory makes more sense! This is while Apple hasn't even launched a software-based feature for older phones! If we take into account the weak sales of the iPhone in previous years, this assumption will be more logical. The company may want you to buy the new phone with all its new technologies and features and from a fair perspective, this is its right, but from another perspective it is the right of the one who bought the iPhone XS more From a thousand dollars a year ago to have all the new features .. is not it?

In my opinion, the least that Apple can do is to strive to develop a night photography mode for old phones, at least, starting with the iPhone 8 Plus! This is, of course, if it is completely related to hardware, while the Apple A12 Bionic processor has enough capabilities to run such a feature, especially since there are applications in the store that provide the feature to already old Apple phones, albeit of course, of lower quality?
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