The security of the phone and the protection of the information on it are among the things that we may overlook more than we should. Some of us carry very sensitive information in his pocket, that is, on his phone. The iPhone is safe enough Without our interference and we agree with you in that, Apple is doing its best to keep all their devices as secure as possible. Even Apple sets high privacy standards to protect its user's data. However, all the company's efforts to protect information may be in vain if you do not try to protect your information yourself, how is that? ? 🤔

6 tips for protecting private information on your iPhone

There are a lot of things that you can do to keep your iPhone as safe as possible, and in this article, God willing, we will review the most important tips that can be applied to the iPhone to reduce your risks, to enjoy privacy, and to protect your data on your phone.


Choose which apps can access your information

Sometimes, when installing some applications, they ask you to access certain types of information that these applications do not need in the first place, and at the same time you do not want to share it with others, we do not want to mistrust anyone, so this may be a mistake from the application developer, but at the level The other is, there are actually applications that intend to access your data, and therefore you must review the applications that have access to your information.

6 tips to protect private information on your iPhone

By going to Settings - Settings, then scrolling down and choosing Privacy - Privacy. Here you will see all the categories that the applications have requested access to, such as photos, microphone, camera, bluetooth, etc., you only need to choose the category that you want to know the applications that get their information, for example we will choose the microphone And automatically you will see a list of all the applications on your phone that have access to the microphone on your phone, and here you can deactivate the access of any application easily, and so on with the rest of the categories.

6 tips to protect private information on your iPhone


Manage applications that use location services

This point is closely related to the previous point, but here we focus on one thing, which is restricting access to your site. There are many applications that intentionally obtain access to your site although they do not necessarily need to access the site in order to continue to work, while there are other applications that must be There is access to the site, such as the Google Maps application, and therefore you must know the sources and applications that have access to your site.

6 tips to protect private information on your iPhone

To do this, you will go to Settings - Settings again and choose Privacy - and here, my friend, you will choose Location Services or Location Services, and finally, all applications that have access to your site will appear to you, and of course your role here is to stop accessing any unpopular or unreliable application.

6 tips to protect private information on your iPhone


Turn off important sites

The Significant Locations feature allows iPhone phones to know the places you are in firsthand to provide the necessary information for different applications, but if you want to preserve your privacy, you can deactivate this option by going to Settings - Settings and then choosing Privacy - Privacy Then you choose System Services - Location Services. Here, a set of options will appear for you, including the Significant Locations option. You just have to deactivate it.

6 tips to protect private information on your iPhone


Stop sharing my location service

If you want to protect your location data and not be able to share it with companies or friends, you must deactivate this feature from the phone, and to do so you will go to Settings - Settings and choose Privacy - Privacy and here you choose Location Services - Location Services and finally choose to share my location or Share My Location and cancel Activated.

6 tips to protect private information on your iPhone


Limit ad tracking

Perhaps you noticed while browsing websites from the phone that it always shows you ads that you are already interested in or you are looking for and you feel strange and ask yourself how Google knew that I was interested in this thing, the idea here is that it knows your data and thus shows you in what are known as targeted ads despite these ads It may be very useful and necessary for websites and companies, but Apple states that it does not provide other parties with your personal data, and therefore you can still disable this option.

6 tips to protect private information on your iPhone

To do this, you will go to Settings and choose Privacy or Privacy, here my friend will unfortunately scroll and click on the Advertising or Ads option, then the option to limit ads or Limit Ad Tracking will appear for you, and here you only have to disable it.

6 tips to protect private information on your iPhone


Don't trust most external keyboards

The Apple Store is full of keyboard applications that can be used instead of the keyboard application on the phone by default, and perhaps this is one of the most common mistakes that users make, whether for iPhones or other phones, so a person finds an excellent and attractive keyboard application that installs it automatically and this A big mistake, first you have to make sure of any application before downloading it from the store and know its reliability and whether the application developer is famous or not, and in the first and last we prefer to rely on the default application on the phone because as you know, all your data you write on the keyboard is from data cards Credit, your accounts and many more so pay attention to this point.

6 tips to protect private information on your iPhone

All the methods that we have mentioned are important to protect your data, but at the same time do not forget to make a password or security code for your phone in order to protect it from the hands of intruders This is also guaranteed to cause the disclosure of your private data to others, and for reference we have clarified the options in Arabic and English as requested by visitors 🥰 So that we can fully benefit.

Just one last tip: Do not apply all of these settings without understanding the price you will pay, for example if you decide to limit ad tracking, the result will be showing ads that are not related to you, so you may keep this option so that the ads remain useful to you. Also, shutting down important sites may disable some features in the system, so you should read the consequences of stopping each service.

Tell us in the comments Did you apply these tips? And have you discovered that there are strange applications that get your information?


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