With the increase in our dependence on the iPhone, many of us are constantly charging our phones anywhere; But did you know that there are a lot of mistakes that you might make while charging your phone away from home that harm your device's battery. Experts specializing in the field of Apple devices reported catastrophic errors when shipping the iPhone; Learn about these errors.

The biggest mistake you can make when charging an iPhone, according to Apple experts

Mika Kujapelto, CEO and founder of LaptopUnboxed, told a tech site about the worst mistake you can make when using it, which is overthinking about keeping it charged and keeping the battery full all the time and this could be a bad thing and have a negative impact on your device and lead to battery drain and short life. It is the worst shipping mistake you can make.

If you connect your phone to the charger at any chance you get it then you may damage the battery.

"The worst thing you can do when charging your phone is to constantly charge it, in your car, plug it into the charger overnight, etc." says Nick Drewe, technology expert and CEO of Wethrift. “This will shorten your battery and reduce its life over time. Instead, try to charge your phone for an hour or so at a time, a few times a day if necessary. You don't need the battery to be at 100% for maximum performance. Aim for 80% and get on with your day. ”

Anna Lindh, editor-in-chief at Cryptoradar echoes this saying: "A charging error is draining our battery, and so does it charge 100%." “When the battery charge is between 30% and 80%, Li-ion batteries perform better. The high voltage generated by the electrical current stresses your battery because you “charge it deeply” to exceed 100 percent, which causes it to overheat and reduce its life.

Note that we are not talking about here that every connection to a charger is a charging cycle, it is different in Apple and the battery charge cycle Measured by use. But what is meant is that the battery is always full, and this is very harmful. It is best to charge your phone when it is below 30% and turn it off when it is over 80%.

And it's equally important not to make the second common charging mistake: using the phone while it's charging.

The smartphone charger works with direct current (DC) technology, according to Pranav Dhore, founder and editor of Technicalroar. Dhore explains that when the charger powers your phone, the phone's power management system tracks how the energy is used. When you are not using the phone while it is charging, all power is supplied to your phone's battery only. Therefore, your phone charges relatively faster.

“On the other hand, when you use the phone while charging it, and perform a lot of operations on it, such as playing games, browsing or using social media applications, the phone consumes energy to work and this harm is not only in slowing down the charging period, but the main harm is that using the phone causes Heat is added to the heat resulting from the charging process, which increases the phone's temperature significantly, and thus the battery is damaged, as heat is the batteries' first enemy.

IPhone Islam advice

To ensure that your phone's battery is not damaged; Use original chargers; Charge as much as possible from 30% to 80% and don't worry about reaching 100% (damage happens in the long term, not once). Avoid counting the temperature while charging i.e. do not charge your phone in a hot place (above 35 degrees) or very low (below zero); Finally, reduce your phone usage while charging, as this causes more heat.

Do you charge the iPhone all the time? Or is it obligated to ship it according to the criteria mentioned by the experts in the article? Let us know in the comments.



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