Since a while Apple has developed the capabilities of its devices in terms of graphic power and processing power and also makes agreements with many game developers to develop great games for the system. You show some at conferences and some come in the store silently. With the rapid rise, many - including us - guess that Apple wants to get to a point where it can Competing with Xbox and Sony Playstation games. But after trying Apple Arcade and playing other games outside of it on iOS over the past months, I've come to another conclusion. Apple is not currently targeting the PlayStation or Xbox.

  • It's aimed at the Nintendo Switch.

Apple does not compete with the PlayStation, but rather the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is very profitable

Since launching the Nintendo Switch in 2017, nearly four years ago, it's been breaking expectations for sales. Especially in the past period, in fact, its sales increased by 44% between January and March compared to the same period in 2020. Whatever the popularity of PlayStation devices, the genius Nintendo device remains a great money-maker. Indeed, there is something alluring about a device that enables you to take your games everywhere to enjoy them in your spare time or even play with them on your bed at home.

Apple entered the market strongly

There is a known influence in the world of technology and many markets. It is the effect of precedence and newcomer. iOS and Android systems, for example, were the first in the world of smart phones with a touch screen as we know it. So now it is difficult for any new company to enter this world, because it does not have enough users to attract new application developers. You do not have enough applications to attract users. Do you see the problem?

Apple could have found itself in the same dilemma if it had released an entirely new gaming device. But she decided to rely on what she already had. The App Store with a billion iPhones, many iPads and Apple TV. Now Apple has become a force capable of attracting developers and that's what happened. Instead of the usual mobile games, Apple led the gaming industry on smart devices in the past period to attract more studios to make games for it. Many of these studios even released versions for Android devices to increase profit after success on iOS.


If you try out the Arcade monthly gaming subscription, you will already know that it is different from what you are used to from the games of smart devices. Apple is making deals with studios of various sizes, some of them large and others new, to make games that have been taken care of in all respects, whether it is the superior graphics, the choice of colors or the captivating sound effects.

Many of these games emulate the usual style of Nintendo Switch games - and may have versions on the PlayStation too - for example, there is Oceanhorn 2, which many have likened to the famous Zelda game on the Switch. Also Samurai Jack, no way home, Fantasian from the makers of Final Fantasy with a huge audience, Wonderblox the maker of adventures and many other great games that we are not used to on our mobile devices all of a sudden I found them in Apple Arcade. With a great variety that allows games of different formats.

The iPhone is more powerful than the stages.

Let's give an example. Oceanhorn 2 is available on the iPhone and iPad via Arcade, but it's also available on the Switch. But there is a difference between gaming experience here and there. On the Switch, the game works with noticeably lower graphics resolution and an unstable 30 frames per second (fps) smoothness. As for the iPhone, it is more beautiful with much stronger and smoother graphics, as it reaches 60 frames per second most of the time constantly.

Android is not spared either

Do you think Apple will compete in a market without targeting its traditional competitor? (And do we neglect to mention Android here in iPhone Islam? Of course we are biased, this is well known 😂) Apple’s arcade policy is that it offers a subscription that generates fixed amounts of money for companies and helps many companies make the best games, but with several conditions, one of which is the lack of these games on Other services, including the Android Store. Interestingly, many of these games can be found on PlayStation and Switch without a problem, but not on Android.

As if Apple is putting an image in the minds of users that its systems have joined the ranks of those gaming devices. But Android devices still have to browse Facebook.

Current position

Apple has built an entire App Store system that encourages developers to make apps of all kinds. It is based on Arcade type games first with the ability to play Super Games or so called AAA titles in addition. Exactly what the Switch system is based on. But with the ability to play on your iPhone without buying a new one, with higher-quality games at significantly cheaper prices (Switch games are extremely expensive), and with the ability to use touch, a controller, or even a mouse and keyboard (the games are just getting started). Already supports mouse and keyboard such as Pascal's Wager, XCOM 2 collection, and others).

Apple also did not forget about the exclusives, as the arcade platform is full of those exclusives that are not found on any platform, such as Wonderbox and Fantasian.

What's next?

Perhaps the iPhone and iPad are already the basis of Apple's plan to enter heavily into the gaming market, a plan that has been successful so far and is moving at a steady pace. But gamers also want improvements to the Apple TV with a new, more powerful processor and perhaps a redesigned controller for gaming. So we can start our games on the iPhone and complete them on the Apple TV without losing performance and maybe even getting more performance. Although this is currently possible and games and their recordings are shared between devices, the current TV performance is less than the latest two generations of iPhone.

at the end

This article comes after my personal experience of using the iPhone as the primary gaming device for months, and I am a big fan of games, especially on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch platform. But I was able to replace these platforms completely, but I find great fun in the iPhone games that push me to return again to the fun of playing, not just for the ease of the iPhone. Will Apple succeed with everyone as well as capture my limited gaming budget?

It is also not permissible for it to be an article by Karim Al-Labbani without nominating a game, and for this occasion I will nominate Genshin impact It is a free game. Nice game.

Genshin Impact 3rd Anniversary

Do you rely on the iPhone or the iPad to play more? Do you have an Arcade subscription? Want us to talk more about arcade games? Share your opinion.


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