New devices from Samsung, the introduction of a software store bill, WhatsApp will transfer conversations between your devices, Foxconn will build a car factory in America, and other exciting news in the fringes…

Samsung unveils the third generation Z Fold and Z Flip phones

Yesterday, Samsung launched its latest phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. The foldable phone of its new generation came with a 120 Hz screen and an internal size of 7.6 inches and an external 6.2 inches. It includes 5 cameras, 3 of them are rear and a front camera under the screen is hidden and the fifth camera is in the cover.

The screen was protected by the latest Victus Gorilla Glass, and Samsung said that it had updated the phone's joint with another 10% stronger than its predecessor. Of course, the phone supports fifth generation networks and comes with an S Pen and internally, a Snapdragon 888 processor, 12 GB memory, 256 and 512 GB storage. Its price starts at $1799.


Samsung also revealed its younger brother, the Z Flip 3, with a starting price of $1000 and comes with a 6.7-inch inner screen and a 1.9-inch outer cover screen.

The phone includes the same processor, Snapdragon 888, but 8 GB of memory and storage capacity of 128 and 256 dollars. The phone comes with 2 rear and 1 front camera and a 3300 mAh battery.

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Samsung unveils the fourth generation of the Galaxy Watch and Buds 2

Samsung unveiled the fourth generation of its Galaxy Watch, and it comes in two versions, basic in sizes 40 and 44 mm and classic in sizes 42 mm and 46 mm … The watches come with sAMOLED screens, Exynos W920 processor, 16 GB storage capacity, a battery of up to 40 hours, ECG sensor, fifth generation networks and water resistance. The watch also includes a Body Composition sensor, which means it can analyze the body as modern scales do by telling you the ratio of muscle, bone and water in the body. The watch runs Wear OS, the new watch system from Google and powered by Samsung.

Samsung also revealed the second generation of the Galaxy Buds headset, which came with a smaller and lighter design. Samsung did not reveal completely new features, but it clarified that noise isolation techniques have been improved, which now works with 3 microphones for isolation, as well as a special unit for sound capture, and the company said that these technologies enable it to isolate Up to 98% of the noise is around you. Of course, there are many features that can be activated by the application. The headset is priced at $150

WhatsApp starts allowing conversations to be transferred between iPhone and Android

One of the tragic things about the world's most famous chat application is that if you have an iPhone and have bought an Android or vice versa, all your previous conversations are lost here. WhatsApp said that transferring conversations is difficult because the conversations are end to end encrypted, that is, sent from the phone is encrypted and therefore cannot be synchronized or transferred. But finally they found a solution and have already started implementing it and publishing it as an update that will arrive successively in the coming weeks to all users. A wonderful development from WhatsApp, and it remains that there is a chat application on the iPad and a real application “not a web application” on the computer and some other basic things.

It is worth noting that Apple's iMessage service is end-to-end encrypted and is synchronized and transferred between devices without any obstacles.

Introducing a law to the Senate to end Apple and Google's monopoly on software stores

A number of senators in the US Senate submitted a bill to end the monopoly of Apple and Google on software stores; They accused the two companies of having for years monopolized the phone market, killed competition in it, and made billions of dollars in profits under the pretext of protecting the user without giving other companies the opportunity, and then it became clear whether they would provide the same services or not; Another senator accused the two companies that their approach was an affront to free and fair markets and that he advocated protecting users and small businesses from the domination of big corporations; He explained that over the years, Apple and Google have been deciding what are the appropriate regulations and what are the fees and everything individually. The bill aims to force Apple and Google to allow other companies to officially provide their apps stores on their devices.

Bloomberg reveals the expected features of the iPhone 13 camera

Bloomberg issued a report on the advantages of the iPhone 13, according to its sources, where he explained that it is expected that the portrait photography feature will be added in the video, that is, the background is isolated in video shooting; For professionals, Apple will add support for ProRes imaging in traditional HD or 4K shooting. The report also revealed modifications to the filters, which will allow the introduction of new filters based on artificial intelligence.

Foxconn to build an Apple car factory in America next year

A new press report revealed that the Taiwanese company Foxconn is currently negotiating with officials in 3 US states to build a factory for electric cars for its customers in America, in parallel with other negotiations with the Mexican government and a third with Thailand to establish several factories. The report added that the cost of the American plant will reach 10 billion dollars and is expected to start trial production by 2023. It is reported that Foxconn has an existing customer in the field of cars, Fisker, but the expansion of negotiations with several countries confirms that there is another customer that is more productive.

Luxshare will be one of the manufacturers of the iPhone 13

Apple has added Luxshare to the iPhone 13 supply chain, according to recent reports saying that the Chinese company Luxshare has been awarded a contract to assemble 3% of the upcoming iPhones, and thus the company is working in parallel with Foxconn and Pegatron. It is reported that the latter, "Pegatron", had suspended Apple's future projects with it at the end of last year due to violations of labor rights.

The report made it clear that no company had ever obtained a contract to assemble the iPhone, and the start would be with the latest version; In the world, companies get contracts to manufacture previous versions and Apple dedicates Foxconn to assemble the latest phone exclusively or in cooperation with Pegatron. But Luxshare's success in bundling accessories like AirPods and Max headphones seems to have given them Apple's confidence.

The attack on Apple continues for scanning cloud images

Dissident US National Security Officer Edward Snowden attacked Apple and said the decision to scan and examine the photos is the beginning of a major spying agent; And that if she is approved today to scan photos of clients for child abuse, it will be a start and she can later check anything she wants in the photos.

In the same context, the EFF Foundation, which specializes in electronics and user rights, attacked Apple's decision as a shocking matter, as it opens a back door to access images to be examined, and hackers can later exploit it to examine or search for anything they want. The foundation said that it is impossible to create a system that checks only one thing and cannot be modified to add more things later; They added that Apple's decision to examine the images means that they will not be encrypted at any time in the future, and thus the images will remain exposed to hackers; They added that it is possible for Apple to modify its image-checking tools to search for anything or even train its products with machine learning; They said that the proper procedure is to prevent anyone from accessing the photos, whether Apple or others.

It is worth noting that Apple has commented on these accusations, and you can find the response in this link.

Apple begins manufacturing MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch

Reports by the Chinese newspaper DigiTimes, which is close to Apple factories and suppliers, revealed that the main manufacturing of the MacBook Pro has already begun for the sizes of 14 and 16 inches. The report said that the main manufacturing requests reached factories with a number between 600 and 800 devices per month until next November. It is reported that the device is expected to be unveiled at the iPhone conference next month; It will come with a modified version of the processor and is expected to be called the M1X and focus on the graphics side of the processor, which is the main criticism point for M1 processors in addition to the number of supported ports. It is worth noting that this version will be a Mini-LED backlit.

Samsung is the supplier of OLED screens for MacBooks

A new report revealed that Apple agreed with Samsung to be the supplier of OLED screens for the upcoming MacBook devices, which will come with this type of screen. Indeed, it has informed suppliers to prepare for this type. It is worth noting that screens of 8.5 inches and larger require special settings in the machines. According to the report, the primary customer for this generation will be Apple, which wants to transfer iPads and the MacBook family by 2200/2500 to become OLED.

Apple releases an update for a number of its current and experimental systems

Apple has released an update for a number of its operating systems, whether current or experimental, and they were as follows:

◉ iOS/iPadOS 15 has been updated to the fifth beta version for developers, which is parallel to the fourth version of the public version (launching soon) and no major changes were noticed in the update.

◉ Monterey Mac OS to the fifth beta and came to improve system stability and efficiency.

◉ WatchOS 8 is the fifth beta version for developers and has not yet shown any major changes and features.

◉ Apple released Big Sur update 11.5.2 in its final version for users and it came to fix system problems without any new features.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Xcode version 13 third beta codes revealed that Apple is currently developing the new iOS 14.8 system. Which is surprising as the final version of iOS 15 is about to be released, which will be next year.

◉ Reports revealed that Apple sent the team responsible for developing the electric car to South Korea to meet with suppliers and factories to discuss the possibility of making agreements with them.

◉ A team of researchers at Apple revealed in a new research paper that the Apple AirPods headset can be used to monitor changes in breathing and the sounds of inhalation and exhalation; The report said that breathing rates are one of the general health indicators, but at the same time, it is difficult to convince the user to wear an accessory, so the stethoscope can be used to monitor these variables.

◉ Zoom has announced the addition of a distraction reduction feature. The feature is aimed at teachers to enable them to manage classes online and in the app where students can only see the teacher so they are less distracted from focusing on anything else.

◉ Developers revealed that the latest beta version of iOS 15 includes an option that enables the developer to prioritize 5G internet connection over Wi-Fi in the event that the Wi-Fi connection is slow and does not meet the needs of the application.

This is not all the news that is on the sidelines, but we have brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with every oddity and incidence,
There are more important things that you do in your life, do not let the devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to facilitate life and help you in it, and if it robs you of your life and preoccupies you, then there is no need for it.


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