Within hours, Apple will release the final version of iOS 15, which everyone has been waiting for since it was unveiled at a conference WWDC 21The system comes with many advantages that we have talked about in many Previous articles And we will talk about it in the coming days. And before the update is issued, you must be prepared for it so that no problems occur, so you lose your data or other problems that recur every year during the update. So we decided to provide a guide to the user how to prepare to update their device.

Important notes before updating

⏳ When the system is released, Apple's servers may suffer from severe pressure and the download speed may be very slow, so it is better to wait if you encounter problems.

📅 We recommend that you wait for several days to see the effect of this update on whoever did it and make sure of the problems and side effects of it, and this is an optional step for those who are concerned because the current beta version is already tested by the iPhone Islam team and works well with us and without any problems.

If you are using jailbreak and do not want to lose it and lose its features and applications, do not update.

👀 The owners of the jailbreak will not be able to "update", but they must restore the system using iTunes, and when the system is released It will not appear In the settings there is an update if it is jailbroken.

Which devices are supported

This is the list of devices that will be running iOS 15

The devices that will be upgraded to iPadOS 15 are the following:

Methods of modernization

You can update to iOS 15 in two ways:

OTE: It is the update from within the device itself through the settings and this update does not result in the loss of any data, and this method requires that there is no jailbreak in the device and also an empty space of up to 5 GB, and Wi-Fi is available for the update.

iTunes: It works on the personal computer and you must make sure that you have it Latest versionIt offers you two options, Restore and Update:

  • Update: It is the process of updating the device automatically without your interference, as iTunes downloads the update file from the Apple website and updates your device and does not result in losing any data (it is assumed that, but a backup copy must be taken as previously mentioned to ensure that no accidental problems occur)
  • Restore: It is to download a completely new version as if you bought the phone again, and some prefer it when updating, which is mandatory if you have a jailbreak and want to update.

Preparing to upgrade:


A lot of software store apps have made an update to support iOS 15, and these updates will continue, so make sure that all of your apps are up-to-date so that you don't encounter problems after the upgrade.


Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes for Windows. You can visit the Apple website and download the latest version through this link.


Take a backup copy of the system, whether you will update or restore, so that you do not lose any data. It is preferable to use iTunes as a way to take the backup copy and not the cloud, because for some users, the space is several GB and it takes hours to download it to the Internet.


Make sure that you have enough storage space in your device, as Apple usually requires space that may exceed 5 GB.


If you do not prefer iTunes, you can back up via iCloud, but remember that this takes time depending on your internet speed.

What are the most important features of iOS 15

Face time

SharePlay feature: It allows you to share many things with the other party and is a new way to have a great experience with family and friends no matter the distance.

Watching or listening together: With iOS 15, you will be able to broadcast movies and programs with friends during a FaceTime call, as the feature automatically adjusts the volume and plays the video for both parties at the same time, so you can watch your favorite videos you and your friends or family and continue talking without any A problem, and the same is the case with the feature of listening together, where you will be able to share your favorite songs with the other party, add a shared queue and simultaneous playback, and all this also during the video call on FaceTime.

◉ Screen sharing: Allows you to share your screen with the other party on FaceTime and through it you can bring web pages, applications, images, etc. to the call and share them with others with ease.

Spatial soundApple has added a spatial or ambient sound feature to FaceTime, and now the sounds will spread depending on the position of your friends on the screen, helping conversations flow naturally.

Grid view: With the Grid View feature on FaceTime, you will be able to see people in squares of the same size, and the current speaker is highlighted so it's easy for you to see who's speaking, and the feature lets you see up to six faces at a time.

portrait modeInspired by the Portrait mode in the Camera app, this mode in FaceTime blurs the background and makes all the focus only on you.

Sound insulation: Focusing on your voice is done by machine learning and identifying and isolating ambient noise, so your conversation will never be interrupted by any outside sound again.

broad spectrum: Unlike the sound isolation feature, this mode brings you all the sounds around you and the noise for a FaceTime call and the feature is useful if you want your friend to hear everything that's going on where you are.

Facetime link: You can now send a link to friends and family to connect on FaceTime even if they are using Windows or Android, and the call will be encrypted and secure like any other FaceTime call.

Mute and Zoom: Alerts you if you're talking on a call while the audio is muted, and the zoom feature helps you control the background in order to focus on important things during a FaceTime call.


The Messages application includes new features with the iOS 15 operating system, where it is possible to share links, images and applications with others, and when the other party sends a news, song, or website, you will find it in the same application and you can reply directly from the application itself without having to return to messages.

Also, you can choose your emoji's clothes and express yourself and your style with new stickers in multiple colors and shapes and there are photo collections that now appear in messages as collages that can be scrolled, viewed quickly, and even saved to the photo library with just a few clicks.


Focus helps you stay in the moment when you need to focus or stay away from whatever distracts you Choose a focus that only allows the notifications you want Get work done while you're in the area or enjoy a distraction-free dinner Choose from a list of suggested focus options or Create your own options, and when you use Focus, your status will automatically display in the Messages app so friends know you're busy or can't chat with them at the moment, and your status on all other devices is automatically set.


With iOS 15, notifications get a new, modern look with photos of people's contacts and larger app icons. Here are the main new features:

◉ Notification Summary: Get a handy summary of your notifications delivered daily, morning and evening or scheduled at a time of your choosing. Your Notifications Summary is a place for all your notifications to get a summary of them on your iPhone screen.

◉ Mute Notifications: You can mute any app or thread temporarily, for the next hour, or for the whole day.

◉ Mute suggestions: If a thread is active and you don't interact with it for any reason, you will receive a suggestion to mute it.

◉ Contacts Notifications: Notifications from people via your communication apps now feature contact photos for easy identification.

◉ IMPORTANT NOTIFICATIONS: Important notifications from apps are always delivered instantly, so you'll never miss timely alerts like a fraud alert, a car park or a reminder to pick up your kids.

Maps application

The Maps app comes with new details and great features, including:

◉Interactive Globe: Discover the natural beauty of Earth through a rich and interactive XNUMXD sphere, including greatly enhanced detail of mountain ranges, deserts, forests and oceans.

◉NEW CITIES IN DETAIL: Explore cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London in unprecedented detail of elevation, roads, trees, buildings, and landmarks.

◉ New Driving Features: All-new Driving Map helps you see traffic, accidents, and other details that affect your driving at a glance, see amazing road details such as turning lanes, bikes, buses, taxis, cross lanes and when you approach a complex intersection, Maps transforms into a XNUMXD view Dimensions are at road level to help you find your way around easily.

◉ Walking Directions: Get what you want with step-by-step directions illustrated in augmented reality.

◉ Redesigned Transit: The transit map has been redesigned for the new city experience and now shows the main bus routes, while riding public transit, and the new user interface makes it easier to see and interact with your route with one hand. And when you get close to your stop, the app informs you that it's time to get off.

◉ Enhanced search: When searching for places like restaurants, you can filter the search results by type of food or whether they serve fast food, or you can choose to see only the places that are open at the moment, and when you move the map while searching, the Maps application automatically updates the search results.

Safari browser

The new tab bar maximizes your screen space and stays out of the way as you scroll and explore Easily accessible at the bottom, so you can navigate between tabs with just your thumb Save and organize your tabs the way you want and switch Between them is easy, and your tab groups sync across devices so you can access your tabs from anywhere.

◉ Voice Search: You can search for anything on the web through voice commands.

◉ Extensions You can now install Safari extensions on your iPhone, and similar to Macs, you can choose when to activate the extensions on your device.


You can now add your driver's license or ID to the Wallet app for use when traveling and in the future at retailers and elsewhere, and your iPhone can now unlock your home, garage, hotel room and even your workplace.

Live Text

Text is now fully interactive in all your photos, so you can use functions like copy, paste, search and translate, Live Text works in photos, screenshot, Safari, and in live previews using the camera, and there's a visual search when you swipe up or press the info button on any photo to highlight Recognized objects and scenes.


Great features don't have to come at the expense of your privacy, which is why iOS 15 provides greater visibility into how apps access your data, protects you from unwanted data collection, and gives you more control over what you choose to share.

There is also an app privacy report through which you will learn how apps use the permissions you have given them and the third parties you connect with.

Furthermore, Apple said that voice commands stored in Siri will not leave your iPhone, and for the Safari browser and the Mail app, your IP address will be hidden and there is a mail masking feature by generating random emails to be used for certain things such as when filling out a form On the web or subscribe to an e-mail.

The update is expected to be released this evening on these dates

Now after updating the applications and taking the backup copy, you are ready to update the system, wait for its release and we will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed guide to the update process as soon as Apple announces its availability

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