Many of us use the recent call list as an alternative to the phone address book, and we go to contacts very little, especially when communicating with someone we call or call us regularly, as it is much easier to find someone in recent calls rather than our contacts. And sometimes, the list of recent calls completely crashes, and we find that it turns red, and most of the recent calls are missing. If it happened to you once, don't worry, you didn't delete it by mistake, there is an easy solution for you to recover all your last calls.

Most of the time, recent calls in the Phone app are conveniently organized according to the time and date someone called, some in red and some in black.

Why do some calls appear in red?

Apple uses colors to indicate how you will respond. Black calls are calls you have answered, and red calls are calls you missed.

If you look closely at the recent calls screen, you'll notice two small tabs at the top of the screen, one that says "All" and one that says "Missed."

As the names suggest, the All tab shows all your recent calls. This list includes both the calls you answered and the ones you missed. The “Missed” tab shows only the calls you missed and is displayed in red.

And when your recent calls list turns completely red, it might be because you accidentally tapped the “missed” tab at the top and switched to showing only your missed calls, and you can tap the All tab and switch between the two views as needed.

You may never have noticed these two tabs, especially if you are busy and respond quickly to calls without looking closely at your phone, so you will immediately know why your recent calls are in red and how to fix them immediately, and you will also be able to help others who find themselves confused by their call list The latter is shown in red.

The solution may be simple and we all know it, but this thing actually happened and some of us were confused about it when the list turned red, which suggests that there is a problem.

Have you encountered a problem in the call list on your iPhone? Tell us in the comments.



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