from a book Art of war “If you know your capabilities and don’t know your opponent’s abilities, for every victory you will suffer defeat.” I think we already spoke in article Previous about the steps that must be taken when your iPhone is lost or stolen article Last we listed some of the things that you must do when you find an iPhone and how to find its owner, but this time we will put ourselves in the place of the thief to learn about the things that a thief can do with your stolen iPhone and what precautions you should take To avoid any additional losses.

Try to unlock the iPhone

 Let's start with the worst, as the thief tries to unlock your iPhone but he can't because of the lock screen and even if he bypasses it, he still needs to sign in to the Apple account to reset the device and put it in factory mode but the thieves have two ways to that problem:


The first method is either through phishing, where they have your name and some information about you and you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Apple or an agent for them or even affiliated with a mobile company and trying to obtain from you your iCloud account data or passcode to track the stolen device or protect the data inside .


The second way is to try to guess the password of your device by knowing some information about you, where the SIM card in your stolen device is removed and placed in another iPhone, and the thief tries to search for the email and guess the password of your iCloud account and this method works with passwords Vulnerable or inspired by a user's private information such as their phone number or 12345, if successful, the thief can unlock the device.

If the thief succeeds in some way, he will try to find anything he can take advantage of inside your iPhone, perhaps an unprotected application and any financial information such as credit card and stored passwords for your social and bank accounts and can blackmail you if they find photos and videos Personal or important to you, then the last stage comes through doing a factory reset of the device and trying to replace or sell the stolen iPhone.

To avoid this scenario, use strong passwords that are difficult to guess and prefer to rely on eSIM cards that cannot be stolen and exploited against you and do not forget to do the other steps we talked about in this the article.

Talk to Siri

If Siri is enabled on your iPhone, Apple's voice assistant will respond to anyone who says the magic word even if the device is switched off. Find out your home address and all this via Siri. So when your device is stolen, immediately log into your FindMy account and report it as a stolen device.

Use Control Center

The thief can access the iPhone control center if it is not marked as lost, and through the control center, you can take photos and videos and turn on Wi-Fi. Like opening locks or shutting down home cameras, spying on you and even making an easy burglary.

Replace the device from Apple

The thief resorts to a simple trick, which is to smash the screen of the stolen device and then try to contact the company in order to replace the broken device with a new one. This trick does not work effectively because Apple customer service requests additional information, but this trick may work easily if you are subscribed to the AppleCare Plus warranty service because One of its advantages is the quick replacement without fees and Apple sends a new device until the broken part is fixed in the other device and for this method to work, the thief needs your name and other personal information and will get a new iPhone from Apple.

Disassemble the iPhone

If the previous attempts failed and the thief could not do anything, he had no choice but to sell the device for a small amount to another person and this person knows that the device is stolen and disassembles it and sells its components and internal parts to maintenance centers and shops that will buy those original parts of the device immediately and benefit Including repairing other iPhone devices and replacing damaged components with sound ones for an appropriate fee.

Have you ever encountered one of those methods that a thief exploits, tell us in the comments



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