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Apple launched the gold version of the iOS 16 update, an unlimited number of fixes in the new Apple Care Plus update, the launch of a gold version of the iOS 15.7 update, stopping the sale of iPhone devices without a charger in Brazil, stopping the production of the Apple Watch 3 officially, and new news about iPhone models -iPhone 14 and other exciting news on the sidelines...

News on the sidelines Week Mar 5 - Mar 11

Apple continues to sell iPhone 13 mini, starting at $ 599

While the new iPhone 14 lineup does not include the iPhone 14 mini, Apple continues to sell the iPhone 13 mini, starting at $599 in the US. The device remains available with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage in several colours.

Apple halted production of the iPhone 12 mini after the iPhone 14 announcement event, but the refurbished models are still available in the Apple Store online at the moment, starting at $439 in the US for the 64GB model, which quickly ran out of stock. But it could be back soon, compared to $529 yesterday.

Apple will likely be phasing out Mini models entirely by the time the iPhone 15 launches, so consider buying one now if you're interested in a good, affordable phone.

iPhone 14 Pro is thicker than the iPhone 13 Pro series

The new iPhone 14 Pro models are slightly thicker than the iPhone 13 Pro models, with weight remaining virtually unchanged. The thickness of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is 7.85 mm, compared to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max 7.65 mm, because the new iPhone 14 Pro devices come with more advanced camera systems and perhaps a larger battery This is the reason for the increase in thickness.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models do not support the latest Wi-Fi 6E standards

Although rumors were saying that iPhone 14 models would support the latest Wi-Fi 6E standards, that did not happen, and Apple still continues to use the older Wi-Fi 6 standard only, and this is indicated by the technical specifications page for iPhone devices The new one only includes Wi-Fi 6, not Wi-Fi 6E. And Wi-Fi 6E allows devices to better handle capacity in high-density areas while supporting faster speeds.

iPhone models offer 14 hours of battery life than before

Apple mentioned that the batteries of the larger iPhone 14 models last for a longer period of time, but it did not go into detail about the increases we can expect. And as it turns out, it does offer a much longer life with direct comparisons to iPhone 13 models.

Where the iPhone 14 continues to work for up to 20 hours for video playback, up to 16 hours for video playback, and up to 80 hours for audio playback. The iPhone 13 lasted for 19 hours for video playback, 15 hours for streaming video playback, and 75 hours for audio playback.

The iPhone 14 Pro lasts for up to 23 hours of watching video clips, compared to 22 for iPhone 13 models, and up to 20 hours of video streaming “without improvement or increase,” and up to 75 hours of audio playback as well without improvement or increase. .

And the iPhone 14 Pro Max continues to play for up to 29 hours when watching videos, compared to 28 hours previously, and up to 25 hours for video streaming, without an increase, and up to 95 hours for audio playback as well, without an increase from the previous one.

There is no direct comparison to the iPhone 14 Plus because it is a new size, but it lasts for up to 26 hours for video playback, up to 20 hours for video streaming, and up to 100 hours for audio playback. It is located directly between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max, and has the longest audio playback time.

All four iPhones are capable of fast charging and can be charged to 50% in 30 to 35 minutes using a 20W or higher charger.

Apple removes the SIM card tray from all iPhone 14 models in the US

Apple has announced that all iPhone 14 models sold in the US do not have a built-in SIM card tray and instead are fully certified. on eSIM technology.

The technical specifications on Apple's website confirm that all iPhone 14 models are not compatible with physical SIM cards and instead have only dual eSIM support, allowing more than one network to be activated on a single device.

Some AirPods Pro 2 features have been delayed

Apple has revealed two main features of the new AirPods 2 Pro, which are custom surround sound and Find My features, but they won't be available for use when the headset is first launched and reaches customers on Friday, September 23.

The reason for this is what Apple said, "Custom spatial audio profiles and Find My will be available with the iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura update in October." This also means that the two features will not work with the iOS 16 update, Which is scheduled to be officially released on Monday, September 12thUsers will have to wait until iOS 16.1 for both features to become available. Along with the release of iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura in October.

Apple launches 3 AirPods with charging case that does not support MagSafe

In addition to unveiling its second-generation AirPods Pro today, Apple has made its third-generation AirPods available with a Lightning charging case that lacks MagSafe wireless charging. This version of the case can only be charged with a Lightning cable.

Third-generation AirPods with Lightning Case are priced at $169 in the US, compared to $179 for third-generation AirPods with MagSafe support, so there seems to be very limited value in choosing this new option.

Apple hasn't announced any further updates for its third-generation AirPods, and the second-generation AirPods are still available for $129.

The new AirPods Pro feature an H2 chip that delivers improved sound quality and up to twice as much active noise cancellation, improvements to Transparency Mode, a more personalized spatial audio experience, a refurbished charging case with Find My support and a new attachment loop Straps are sold separately by third-party accessory makers external.

Apple delays shared iCloud Photo Library feature for iOS 16

In the beta version of ‌iOS 16‌, Apple introduced the Shared iCloud Photo Library that aims to make it easier to share photos with your friends and family. A new option in the Photos app lets you create a shared library and then invite anyone with an Apple device to view photos, contribute photos to the library, edit Images inside, including favorite images and adding captions. There are no restrictions, and all participants have the same permissions.

On the sidelines of its iPhone 14 press release, Apple said... "The Shared Photo Library will be available on iCloud in a future update." So it looks like it won't reach the first official release of ‌iOS 16‌.

Apple officially stops production of the Apple Watch 3

With the launch of the new Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE models, it officially discontinued the older Apple Watch 3 version that was sold as a low-cost option at $199, and the SE Watch took its place.

The Apple Watch 3 has been available since 2017, and has the same design as the original Apple Watch models until Apple launched the Apple Watch 4 models, the first watch to offer cellular connectivity.

Apple opens pre-orders for Apple Watch 8, Watch SE2, and Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch 8, SE and Ultra are now available for pre-order From the Apple Store Online Before the launch of the Watch 8 and SE on September 16 and the launch day of the Ultra watch on September 23.

Banning the sale of iPhones without chargers in Brazil and fining Apple

Brazil's Ministry of Justice has ordered Apple to stop selling iPhones without a charger in the box, Reuters reports. Brazilian officials say Apple gives customers an incomplete product when the power adapter is not included in the purchase, a move the government claims is a "deliberately discriminatory practice against consumers".

Apple has been fined 12.275 million Brazilian reais, about $2.34 million, for selling iPhones without chargers, and Brazilian officials are forcing the company to stop offering any iPhones that don't come with a power adapter, including iPhone 12 and later .

Apple told Brazilian officials that not including a power adapter with the iPhone provides environmental benefits and reduces waste, but Brazil rejected that argument.

Apple appealed the ruling and said it had won several cases in Brazil, and said we are confident that our customers understand our intent.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Apple today released a new beta version of the iOS 15.7 update for the operating system and macOS Monterey 12.6 for developers.

◉ Along with the announcement of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, Apple updated AppleCare+, and provided support for "unlimited repairs" without paying any additional fees, which were only two repairs per year.

◉ Apple launched the RC Gold version of the iOS 16 update for developers, a week after the launch of the eighth beta version for developers, and it will be made available to the public next week.

◉ Apple has confirmed that iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura updates will be released in October.

◉ YouTube has announced the update of YouTube TV on Apple TV with 5.1 audio support. Updated audio works with compatible live, DVR, and video-on-demand content watched on YouTube TV. Audio 5.1 provides surround sound and has brand names including Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, THX and DTS.

This is not all the news that is on the sidelines, but we have brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for the non-specialist to occupy himself with all the incoming and outgoing. And help you with it, and if it robbed you of your life and got busy with it, there is no need for it.


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