The direct answer to using the Apple Watch with Android phones and pairing it with it, like pairing it with an iPhone, is no. Even if it is the latest and most powerful Android phone, whether from Google, Samsung or others. But there are some ways in which you can use the Apple Watch “limitedly” and the Android phone, but without linking them, here is how to do it.

You can set up an Apple Watch with your iPhone and then use it for basic purposes such as fitness tracking and some other functions while still using your Android phone as your main device. However, it is important to understand that this integration has limitations, as some features that depend on iPhone integration will not be available when using an Apple Watch with an Android phone.

It is important that your Apple Watch supports cellular connectivity

The presence of a cellular connection means that the Apple Watch can connect directly to the Internet, even when the iPhone is not near you. This type of connection is useful for the GPS function on the Apple Watch, which is used to track your location during outdoor activities such as jogging or hiking.

When the Apple Watch has a cellular connection, it can connect to GPS satellites more quickly, which is important for accurately tracking your outdoor activities. This connection ensures that your watch knows where you are more accurately, making fitness tracking and outdoor tracking more accurate and reliable.

However, it is important to know that getting cellular connectivity for your Apple Watch may come at an additional cost. This is because your carrier may charge you extra for providing this cellular connection for your watch.

Therefore, you must first make sure that your watch supports a cellular connection, if you want to make use of it with an Android phone

Set up a cellular Apple Watch using the iPhone

You will need to set up the Apple Watch through the iPhone, because there is no way to establish a connection between the Apple Watch and the Android phone, and the watch cannot be set up using the Android phone or even the iPad.

Furthermore, the specific iPhone you're using for setup is important, as the Apple Watch will be associated with the Apple ID associated with that device. Any compatible iPhone will suffice as long as Apple continues to support it, but it is imperative that you use your own iPhone for this process. Using a friend's iPhone to set up the clock is not a viable option.

Once the Apple Watch is paired and set up on the iPhone, proceed to install all your important and favorite apps on it. You must do this from the iPhone paired.

The trick is to receive calls on the Apple Watch with an Android phone

Insert the primary SIM card that was in the Android phone to the iPhone, then call this number to make sure that the watch has reached the contact notification.

Turn off all devices used, iPhone, watch, and Android phone.

Then transfer the SIM card from the iPhone to the Android phone and turn it on.

Turn on the Apple Watch and make sure it is connected to the cellular network

Now you can use your Apple Watch to receive calls, messages, and other services on your main number that you use on your Android device.

Use your Apple Watch and Android phone at the same time

You can now wear and use your Apple Watch with your Android phone; But it is important to note that the two devices will not establish a connection between each other, which means that notifications from your Android phone will not appear on the Apple Watch.

But the stand-alone apps on the Apple Watch that only depend on an internet connection will run smoothly. This arrangement allows you to monitor your daily step count, participate in exercise routines, and even stream music to your earbuds via the watch.

Sometimes, it will be necessary to connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone to sync data. This connection will also be required when the latest watchOS update is installed on the watch. This setting allows you to use your Apple Watch for specific functions while still respecting connection limitations when using it with an Android phone.

Apple Watch and Android compatibility

Since the Apple Watch is not officially compatible with Android devices, the solution we mentioned earlier remains your only option. Although this isn't a perfect solution, you can still take advantage of the Apple Watch's health-tracking capabilities by initially setting it up with an iPhone and then using it with an Android phone as shown. However, it is important to acknowledge that due to the tightly integrated ecosystem between Apple devices, this situation is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, which means that full integration of the Apple Watch with an Android phone is unlikely.

Have you ever tried running an Apple Watch on an Android phone? Do you think its a good idea? Tell us in the comments?



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