As we mentioned before, Artificial intelligence is Apple's most important goal this year! Reports revealed that Apple is developing a new artificial intelligence system called “Realm” or ReALM. It is a new artificial intelligence capable of understanding screen signals and the context of conversations. This is to provide natural and more logical interactions by the voice assistant “Siri”. We will explain all the details to you in the following paragraphs, God willing.

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Apple is developing a new artificial intelligence called ReALM that is able to understand the context of the screen!

Apple is working on introducing a new artificial intelligence system called Realm, which deals with sign as a programming language. By all standards, this is a major revolution in the relationship between the user and a voice assistant like Siri. Through Realm, Siri will be able to understand screen context and respond to user requests. All of this is done with the help of huge language models that understand and deal with any text and can process it.

A group of researchers at Apple indicated that the voice assistant's interaction with and reading the screen context is very important. The developers' endeavor at the present time is to provide a real experience for the user, by providing the ability for the user to issue any inquiry he wants regarding the speech and context that he sees on the phone screen.

In other words, the Realm system will provide the missing link between the voice assistant that does not understand user requests related to the visual elements on the screen.

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How can the Realm system save you time and effort?

We will explain it to you through an illustrative example. If you are browsing the latest news on the iPhone Islam website, and you want to click on the YouTube link listed in the article you are reading, what will you do then? With the Realm system, you can share with him what you want and say to him, “Open the YouTube link listed on the article page for me.” At that time, Siri will open the YouTube video link for you, because it used two commands to implement your request. The first is the voice command you issued, and the second is its understanding of the context of the screen in front of you and its awareness that there is a link to a YouTube clip that you want to open.

Therefore, we can say that the Realm system will save you a lot of time and effort, and we will accomplish a wide range of small, routine tasks for you.

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What are the features of the Realme system that Apple is developing?

One of the most positive aspects of the Realm system is that it has the ability to work directly on users' devices. Processing data on the device used will also make communication with Siri faster. Moreover, user privacy will be increased by keeping data away from the data cloud they are accustomed to. All of this will reduce processing time and thus reduce the time in responding and executing orders.

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Apple's challenges in the field of artificial intelligence

Apple is in fierce competition with companies that precede it in the field of generative artificial intelligence. Such as Microsoft, Google and OpenAI. It is worth noting that these companies have integrated generative artificial intelligence into research services, office programs, and cloud services.

This is not the end of the matter, but analysts expect that Apple will reveal its own linguistic model framework and robot called “Apple GPT.” This will be done through the upcoming World Developers Conference, God willing.

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What do you think of the Realm system? How do you expect communication with machines to be in the coming years? Tell us in the comments.



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