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Apple is developing a new artificial intelligence called “Realm” that is able to see and understand the context of the screen

Apple is aggressively entering the artificial intelligence market this year. The news revealed that Apple is developing a new artificial intelligence system called Realm that is able to understand and see the context of the screen. This will enhance communication between users and voice assistants like Siri. Here are all the details in this article.


How do you set up Siri to read incoming messages?

Through the iOS 17.4 update, Apple introduced a new feature, which is the ability for the voice assistant Siri to read incoming messages in more than one language. But how can you do that? In this article, here are all the details about the new feature, how to use it, and what languages ​​Siri supports after the latest update.


Training Apple employees on Vision Pro glasses, and developing the iPhone 16 microphone

The article is divided into two parts. The first is a discussion of the news that was reported about Apple intending to send its employees to its training centers in order to master how to use Vision Pro glasses. On the other hand, it is a presentation of Apple’s new plans to develop the capabilities of the Siri voice assistant by increasing the efficiency of the I-Microphone. iPhone 16.


The best new features and characteristics of Siri in iOS 17

Even after the iOS17 update, Siri has not become as smart as we hope, but one of the aspects that Apple has worked to develop or improve is the Siri voice assistant. Apple's developments for Siri were not large and comprehensive, but Apple aimed to make Siri more user-friendly than in the past.


News on the sidelines week 1 - 7 September

Google mocks the iPhone in a new ad, a significant increase in the prices of the iPhone 15, and the USB-C port tempts Android users to move to the iPhone. Apple launched a live broadcast on YouTube to prepare for the iPhone 15 launch event, and concluded a new long-term deal. Range with British chip company Arm. And other exciting news on the sidelines...


A major change to Siri at WWDC 2023

Apple is likely to unveil a major tweak to Siri at its developer conference. This change will include getting rid of the phrase “Hey Siri” to activate Siri hands-free. If Apple actually did this, what alternative could it offer?


What is the difference between Siri and ChatGPT?

Although Siri and ChatGPT work through artificial intelligence, the main difference between the two arises in their purpose. While ChatGPT is a language-based model with the ability to have a conversation similar to ours, Siri is a virtual assistant that responds to commands and performs various tasks on Apple devices. Here are the main differences between the two.


Is Apple's Siri voice assistant losing the race to ChatGPT?

Apple's Siri voice assistant appeared for the first time when the iPhone 4S was announced, and now, nearly 12 years after its launch, many have lost passion about Siri's capabilities, and it seems that Apple's voice assistant is close to losing the race to new chatbots such as ChatGPT.


Apple is far behind in artificial intelligence technologies

In previous years, Apple was very late in the field of artificial intelligence, and dozens of companies began to provide impressive services in which they depended on the tremendous development that took place in this field … so where is Apple in this development, and if Apple continues in this way, will it gradually collapse, as happened with many companies ?


How to adjust the iPhone to suit the elderly

Apple devices are the most suitable for our parents and grandparents. The good thing is that Apple has developed a useful set of tools and settings that are especially easy for older people to use, but they are disabled by default. In this article, a guide to setting and customizing your father's, grandfather's, or any other elderly person's iPhone.