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The European Union threatens Apple with huge fines in its dispute with Spotify

Bad news for Apple! Press reports indicate that Apple is about to pay approximately 500 million euros in fines to the European Union. All of this is as punishment for Spotify’s actions towards its monopoly on payment methods in favor of its Apple Music application! On the other hand, Apple decided to cancel support for web applications on its phones within the European Union. Here are all the details in this article.


IP Group reveals a Trojan targeting iOS users

Apple is on the verge of a new security vulnerability! iOS users have had their bank accounts hacked by a new Trojan called Gold Digger, as reported by Apple's IP Group. The hacking is done by creating deep fake images and accessing text messages and identity documents. Here are all the details in this article.


What features will be supported by artificial intelligence in iOS 18?

Apple will respond to criticism, but in its own way. The news indicated that Apple wants to prove to everyone that iOS 18 will not be like other systems, but rather that it will be the largest operating system that Apple has ever created. It also wants to prove to everyone that it is coming strong in the field of artificial intelligence, and will offer many features in iOS 18 supported by artificial intelligence.


iPhone SE 4 will come with the interactive island feature and a design similar to the iPhone 16

Exciting rumors for fans of the iPhone SE series, as news indicates that Apple is making a set of changes to the iPhone SE 4. The most important of these changes is the addition of the Dynamic Island feature and that the phone will come with a single lens in the back instead of two lenses. Follow with us and we will share with you all the new changes that Apple has made to the phone.


Apple plans to introduce a foldable iPhone

A new step for Apple in the foldable devices market! After some reports indicated that Apple was working on introducing a foldable iPad, today reports indicate that Apple has prototypes for a foldable iPhone. Apple is communicating with suppliers from Asia to purchase parts for the new phone.


Apple is rethinking its plans for self-driving its electric car

After nearly 10 years of thinking and developing Apple's “Titan” project, Apple decided to reduce the self-driving features of its electric car and provide an electric car with fewer and more realistic features. This is due to several problems that we will explain to you in detail in this article, God willing.


2024 will not be easy for Apple

Apple has recently faced many disputes and challenges that threaten its sales. Apple must solve these problems within this year, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. One of the most important of these challenges is finding a solution to the deterioration of its sales in the Chinese market, which led to a decline in the value of its stock. And other challenges we present to you in detail in this article.