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What is Apple's secret XDG team and the projects it's working on?

Everyone is aware that Apple is always keen to keep its future products a secret, but that's not all, as it turns out that there is a secret team affiliated with the company, similar to Google X, with unlimited resources to explore and introduce new technologies through which Apple can dominate the future.


Apple can identify the user through data analytics in the iPhone

Researchers discovered that Apple uses analytics data on the iPhone in order to identify users and whether they agree or decline to share that information. What do you think about Apple collecting user data without their knowledge, and does Apple give up being the first sponsor of user privacy?


Apple employees are unhappy with the huge expansion of advertising

Apple employees are not satisfied with the significant expansion of advertising and some have expressed fears that Apple will focus on advertising more and this will damage the reputation of the brand, whose goal has always been to provide a distinct experience when using the iPhone and its other products.