At the Apple conference a few days ago, Apple unveiled the iPad mini, in which Apple fulfilled all expectations except for the price, which was slightly high, as we mentioned in The detailed article About the conference, Apple began bookings for the new device from last Friday for the Wi-Fi version, with shipment to begin on November 2, and the available quantities were exhausted in less than 72 hours, which prompted a large number of readers to ask, "Did you buy the iPad mini?" ” It is a question that we are trying to answer together, as we did previously in IPad 3 And well IPhone 5.

Points for clarification before starting the article:

  • In the article, we will present the feature and then comment on the importance of this feature in your purchase decision, for example if the screen is the decisive factor in making your decision, what do you do? Read our review.
    • We wanted to clarify because some points you will find the comment says in this case I buy the device and in other cases it says do not buy it, so that we are not accused of inconsistency in the advice we offer this clarification.
  • This article differs from its predecessors in that we used to help those who have an old iPhone or an old iPad in making the decision to upgrade or not, but here in front of a new device, so we help you choose between the three famous devices of the 7-inch scale, which are the "iPad mini" and "Amazon." Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7, and the Samsung Tab devices are not listed because their number is very large and we do not know which to add, and the previous two devices, “Kindle and Nexus,” are the two most popular devices in the 7-inch size.
  • Remember that first and foremost the purchase decision is yours, you are the one who pays the money and we only seek to help you with your decision and we do not take it on your behalf, and we will not benefit from anything if you buy the device or not.
  • All the comparisons were based on numbers and accounts from documented sites, including the Apple website, but remember that the device has not yet been issued in order for us to experiment with a process.

Machine size:

Apple aimed to make the iPad can be used and held with one hand, so it reduced the space on both sides of the device between the screen and the letters, which made it even though it is 7.9 inches, but it came with a width of 13.7 cm, which is exactly the same as the display of the Kindle Fire HD device, the size of 7 inches, but more 1.7 cm for Google Nexus is 7 inches and the two devices are similar in length, which makes the device an ideal size.

The thickness of the iPad mini is the thinnest ever compared to any tablet of the same class, and its thickness reaches 7.2 mm, which is 24% less than the third iPad and 6% less than the iPhone 5, and is completely identical to the fourth generation iPod Touch.

The weight of the iPad from me is very light and almost 53% less than the weight of the previous iPad, as it reaches 304 grams for the Wi-Fi version, compared to 340 grams for Google Nexus 7, and finally 395 grams for the Kindle Fire HD. It is considered almost the lightest tablet in the world, if not the lightest, which is useful for carrying the device for long periods.

IPhone Islam Comment: If the size of the device is the main factor in your choice, the iPad mini is the best choice, especially as it is similar to a competitive aspect in terms of width and length, lighter in weight and thickness, and also the largest screen.

the screen:

The iPad mini came with a screen size of 7.9 inches and the same number of pixels on the iPad 2 is 1024 * 768 pixels, which means an increase in color intensity from 132ppi on the iPad 2 to 162ppi in the iPad mini, and this allows applications to work on the device without any modification. It also means that games, books and other things will be better than the iPad 2, and Apple reviewed at the conference and stated that the dimensions of the new iPad, although it is 7.9 inches, means an increase of 35% in viewing websites versus the 7-inch devices.

But what about the competitors? Both Kindle Fire HD and Galaxy Nexus 7 have a screen of more than 210ppi, meaning it is better and clearer, and the screen technology used in the Kindle Fire exceeds those used in the iPad and leads to more clarity, that these devices will show you less space of content but with more quality than IPad 2.

IPhone Islam Comment: If your critical choice is screen quality, then Kindle Fire and Nexus excel, but if you choose screen size, the iPad mini excels.

Fourth generation networks:

A clear and decisive point of superiority for the iPad mini, as Google Nexus 7 and 7-inch Kindle Fire do not support networks and only a Wi-Fi version is available, and a large percentage of 7-inch devices do not have a 3G version, but there is the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that supports 3G, but in general The iPad outperforms all devices of this size in support of the fourth generation networks, not only the third.

IPhone Islam Comment: If you want a tablet that supports networks then IPad mini It is your perfect and almost the only choice.


Some people may feel that the iPad is not a suitable device for photography, and this is the function of phones only, but there are many who use the tablet in photography, and for the camera devices it came as follows:

  • IPad mini The iPad mini includes the third and fourth generation iPad cameras, which are a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front camera for FaceTime calls.
  • The Kindle Fire does not have a back camera and only features a 1.3 mega pixel front camera.
  • Google Nexus has a 1.2 mega pixel rear camera and does not have a front camera.

IPhone Islam Comment: In point the camera overtakes IPad With a large and wide difference, so if the camera is the main reason for choosing then IPad It is the right choice.


The price of the iPad mini shocked a large percentage of users, as its price came to $ 329, and the prices for the devices can be seen as follows, noting that the prices are for the Wi-Fi version only, as there is no 4G version in other devices.

* There was a conference for Google on the 29th of this month and was expected to reveal updates to the Nexus family and their prices, but it was postponed.
* $ 17 will be added to the Amazon price if you want to cancel the offer for some ads.

IPhone Islam Comment: If you are going to buy a WiFi tablet and price is a vital factor for you then the Amazon It is the best and Google Nexus after its upcoming update, but if you want a 4G version, as we mentioned earlier, you have nothing but an iPad. Also, note that there is only a 64 GB version of the iPad.

Processor and device speed:

Although the speed of the device depends largely on the operating system, we can theoretically compare the three devices as follows:

  1. IPad mini any dual-core processor 1 GB and 512 MB memory card.
  2. Amazon Kindle Fire HD 1.2GB dual core processor and 1GB memory card.
  3. Google Nexus comes with a 1.3GB quad-core processor and 1GB memory.

IPhone Islam Comment: Apple is very good at managing the capabilities of its devices, but the Google device Nexus It has high hardware, so it is expected to be the fastest among the three devices. If the speed is the main year, then the Google device is the fastest in performance, but we did not test it against the iPad in gaming speed.

Other differences:

  • Device comes Amazon In the first place in Wi-Fi quality, as it comes with dual-band and dual-band support, the iPad mini supports dual-band only, while the Google device is in the last place.
  • Device comes Amazon With the support of a dual sound system from Dolby versus traditional speakers in the iPad mini, which makes the sound of movies and games in the Amazon device better.
  • The Apple device comes with the support of Apple's famous software store, while the Google device comes with an Android store as well, and it contains a huge number of applications, the Kindle Fire device comes with a special store from Amazon that contains apps, books, movies, music and other things that Amazon provides. So the choice here will be according to your usage.
  • The Apple device comes with support for at least 3 years of system upgrade, and Google also upgrades its official devices to Amazon, so it's anonymous.
  • You can buy Apple devices directly from your country and you will find an Apple distributor or direct store for it in your country, while the Amazon device is sold in America only and some European countries soon, Google device is sold in a limited number of countries only. In other words, you will find an agency or distributor that guarantees the Apple device in your country to resort to when problems arise.
 If you were to buy any of the three devices, who would it be? What is the main feature and the most prominent disadvantage of the iPad mini?

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