Days ago we talked about The application of "steps" And it is the first Arabic application in the software store to take advantage of the latest Apple technologies such as the M7 assistant processor for the iPhone 5s, the iPad Air and Mini Retina, in addition to our reliance on UiKit Dynamic that Apple used in building the iOS 7 system and many Blur backgrounds and a flat interface compatible with iOS 7 Now the application is available in the App Store.

The M7 permanently records all device movements all the time, and by means of mathematical equations, it tries to predict whether these movements are walking, running, walking in a car, or random movements, and all this is done without consuming the energy and resources of the device, so if you own any of the modern devices (5s, mini and air) Then you need an app steps To show it to you.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

When you download the application and open it for the first time, it will ask you to access the M7 data, and once you approve it, the data for the previous 7 days will appear, although you are installing it for the first time, but the reason is that it is registered in the device itself:

Steps of days application

You can click on any day to show you its details more clearly

Steps day summary application

One of the exclusive advantages of the application that is not provided by any other application is the "Events" feature, which enables you to calculate the steps you take in a specific task and a specific time, which you can use in any event you want, including challenging oneself in charitable work, for example you will go in a convoy Charity and you want to count your number of steps in it and compare it to previous similar times, which may help you to know whether your determination to do good increases or decreases.

Events in Steps application

And if you are an athlete, you can also start a running, bike, or walking "event", etc. and determine the period of time for which you want to record your movement. This is not available in any other application.

The event time in the Steps application

The "Steps" application is one of the few applications in the software store that supports the iPad - the number of applications is on the fingers - most of the popular applications and even the most famous Nike application do not work on the iPad Air or Mini Retina, which makes some resort to more than one application, but Why do you do this and have an app steps Which will support your device, whether the iPhone 5s or the modern iPad Air and Mini Retina.

Download the "Steps" application now at the lowest price for a limited time on the occasion of the launch of the application

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

What is the first “event” you will do with Khoulaat app? What are your suggestions for future updates? Share your opinion

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