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Beware of these malicious programs! And important leaks of the iPhone and Foxconn's investments in Saudi Arabia and another computer screen from Apple and other exciting news for this week on the sidelines!

News on the sidelines: Week 18-24 February

A16 chip in the iPhone Pro only and a large size is cheaper

Strong reports indicated this week that Apple intends to launch the new A16 chip for the iPhone 14 Pro version only, and that the devices of the regular versions will have an A15 processor like the iPhone 13, but with an increase in RAM to 6 GB instead of 4. This step comes in the context of Stop the production of the iPhone mini version and provide the iPhone in a large size at a cheaper price instead.

The performance of the iPhone SE 2022 is similar to the iPhone 13

Some expected before the release of the iPhone SE that its performance is somewhat lower than the iPhone 13, despite the presence of the same chip and this is possible by reducing the speed of its work in the smaller device as Apple used to do before when using the same chip in the large iPad and a mini version. But the results of speed tests this week showed a similar performance to its more expensive brother, the iPhone 13. And you can read more about the iPhone SE. In our article here-.

A thermometer in the next Samsung watch?

The Samsung smart watch is the best choice for most Android users and the closest alternative to the Apple Watch, and new reports have indicated that the upcoming version of the watch may contain a thermometer through the skin, and this feature may be very useful for measuring several health indicators and for exercising if they are accurate enough .

Another screen from Apple soon?

Apple has not yet started shipping its new screen to users, but leaks have already started about the next version of it, according to a tweet from reliable screen industry analyst Ross Young, the company may be working on a Pro version of its Studio screen that comes with more features and Pro motion technology such as i- iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 27-inch, and the analyst reports that this may also be soon in June.

Samsung begins to "repair" the S22?

A “scandal” has spread to Samsung in the recent period due to the company reducing the performance of many applications to control the battery and temperature of the processors of the S22 phones, but it did not slow down the speed tests and thus give a deceptive measure of performance, and because of this, the company started this week to make an update for users that allows them to turn off the control feature on application performance, but at the risk of heat or possibly battery life.

Google expects tablet growth, and wants to come back

Google (Chief of Technology for Android Tablets) at Google Rich Miner said in a meeting with developers that he expects the tablet market to grow beyond laptops, and this comes in the context of Google's attempt to revive its tablet system through efforts such as the release of Android 12L with improvements in Tablet interface and urged developers to make applications developed specifically for the large interface on Android, such as those on the iPad.

Russia bans Instagram

Several technology companies have taken steps against the Russian government because of the war in Ukraine, including Facebook, which blocked many official Russian channels from the site, which led the government to ban Facebook from the country and threaten to block its other applications as well. The fulfillment came this week as the Instagram app was banned in the country in response to Facebook.

Apple glasses work with the Mac chip?

Like the Apple Watch before its release, the news has been filled with rumors about Apple’s virtual reality glasses for years, and the latest reports indicate that the glasses may work on a chip from Apple’s computer chips, such as the upcoming M2, for example, and this is logical as these chips can perform high performance without the need for significant cooling .

Investigation against Facebook and Google in the European Union

The European Union announced an official investigation and a monopoly case against the two companies, Facebook and Google, accusations come that the two companies made an agreement that resulted in practices to prevent other advertisers on the Internet from competing and monopolizing the advertising market between the two companies.

Apple stops selling the LG Ultrafine screen

Apple has been selling the LG Ultrafine 5k screen for several years due to the lack of its own screen, and Apple has participated in the specifications of the screen and also announced it at its own conference. However, after the announcement of its new screen, Studio, the company stopped selling LG monitors on its website this week.

It is reported that the LG screen cost 1300 dollars, while the Apple screen starts at 1600 dollars.

iPhone production problems

There were several problems in the production of the iPhone this week, as major closures due to the increase in cases of the Corona virus in China led to the suspension of Apple factories in Xin-Zin Province completely for several days, but news came that Apple will resume production through the work of a closed health circuit to maintain on its factories from Corona infection in the province.

An amazing patent from Apple

Apple registered a patent that caught the eye this week. It talks about buttons on the Mac keyboard that can be detached to turn into a computer mouse. The details were floating, as is the custom of similar patents. But do you think something like this is possible? Of course we know that a lot of patents don't turn into an actual product.

Google wants iOS users and makes the transition easier

Do you want to move to Android but you have a lot of photos on iCloud and feel that transferring them will be difficult? Apparently Google wants to lure you in various ways, it has been reported that the next version of Google's Move to Android app will also be able to transfer your iCloud photos to Android.

Smart volume buttons up to all versions of the iPad

With the launch of the iPad Mini 6, a beautiful feature was released with it, which automatically turns the volume buttons to match the direction of the screen, and with the latest iOS 15.4 update, this feature has become available on all iPad devices so that the volume up button is always at the top or right, regardless of the direction The iPad.

Refurbished iPhone 12 in the Apple Store

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro devices were recently released at the Apple Store, and the devices in this store are nice deals for those who want them, as they come at a cheaper price than the new device, but with new parts and the same warranty.

Note: Availability of devices in the refurbished store is subject to difference between countries and is subject to quantity and a device may be present at one time and disappear at another.

The Mini-LED screen won't arrive on the 11-inch iPad Pro this year

Many fans of the iPad Pro were hoping that Apple would launch a new 11-inch version for this year with a distinctive MiniLED screen that is in the largest size, as the screen provides brilliant brightness and great contrast between colors that supports HDR technology in an excellent way, but unfortunately reports were issued by the analyst Ming- Chi Q and others report that the iPad Pro 11 inches will not come with the new screen this year as well...

Fraudsters use Testflight to download malicious programs on iPhone

There have been reports this week of cases of fraudsters spreading malicious applications to users by displaying them as beta applications on Apple's Testflight program, which is used primarily for developers to test their applications. So, beware, my brother, the user, downloading any application in a “trial” form or for use before release or otherwise from outside the App Store unless you know and trust the developer personally, as this may be deceptive and contain malicious programs.

Foxconn investment in Saudi Arabia


Foxconn, the main factory for the iPhone, offered to build a factory in Saudi Arabia with an investment of $9 billion. The factory exports parts to many other companies, too. The application is currently being reviewed before approval by the Saudi authorities.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you And help you, and if I robbed you of your life and preoccupied you with it, then there is no need for it.


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