Apple always seeks to develop and improve the user experience, and we see this through continuous iOS system updates to address technical and security problems, but with the development of devices the operating system evolves with it, and thus old iPhone devices are excluded successively, except for necessary security updates from time to time and the other. Because Apple believes that it is not suitable for running the latest versions of the operating system, and this is due to the weakness of its components such as processors, operating memory, and so on. But we see that Apple supports old iPhone devices with the latest updates for years that may reach more than five years, so what happens to your old phone if you download a new update? What is the scenario that might happen to this old iPhone? Follow us.

What are the consequences of downloading a new iOS update on an old iPhone?

The user thinks the owner of the old iPhone that the update will increase the performance of his phone, and add new features to it. But any of this will happen most of the time, rather he is surprised by the emergence of some technical problems, and the lack of operation of many of the features of the new update, and the reason for this is that the new update and new features are not directed to his phone, but to new phones that support these features and modern technologies that are already equipped with components From processors and other, high-efficiency compatible with it, you can deal with these powerful software.

iPhone battery deterioration

The decline in battery performance after each new update makes some sense, because there are system indexing processes that take place in the background for a few days, and then it settles down. These operations require significant processing, which is reflected negatively on the battery, so it drains quickly compared to before the update. More than 64% of iPhone users suffer from Battery problems After downloading the new update, according to many reports, what if you downloaded it to the old iPhone? It will be very stressful.

slow down the phone

Some may think that Apple is the reason behind the slow old versions of iPhone devices, in order to force users to buy modern versions, but this is not true, it is simply that after downloading a new iOS update on your old phone, it needs newer technologies and greater effort. In order for it to work normally, or these updates are more compatible with modern phones. So you may find your iPhone works slower than usual, and takes longer to complete large tasks.


The emergence of technical problems in your phone

We all know that Apple releases updates iOS In order to fix some technical or security problems, not to mention the new features, but some new problems may appear with the new update. For example, some users reported issues with camera freezing, bluetooth and wifi crashes, and battery issues as well. So we advise you to wait until these problems are fixed first, then update your iPhone.

iPhone problem

Your phone will not get all the features

If you download a new update for your old phone, this does not mean that your phone will get all the features offered by the update, but you will face the problem of application compatibility with the new operating system, especially if Apple developers do not intervene to solve this problem.

common questions

In this part, we will answer most of the common questions about downloading a new update on an old iPhone.

Can I avoid downloading the iPhone update?

This is not recommended at all, because you may put your privacy and data at risk, as the iOS update encrypts your files and increases the privacy of your data. Moreover, updating the operating system will protect your phone from security vulnerabilities.


What phones are not available for new updates?

Since 2022, Apple has announced that it will stop supporting some iPhone devices, and that the iOS 16 update will not be available for these phones, and they are:

  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • The first generation of iPhone SE.

iphone 7

What does it mean to stop updating your iPhone?

Your iPhone will not have updates for new versions of iOS. But it will work for you, but with lower or older application versions, or some of these applications may stop supporting your system, and not work on it.


Will downloading the iOS update by unofficial methods do the trick?

Certainly, this matter is completely unacceptable, as it may be the reason for the failure of the basic programs in your iPhone.

iphone 6

Have you felt changes in your iPhone when you update to the latest iOS update? Tell us in the comments.



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