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How to keep the iPhone to be like new always

The iPhone is not a cheap device, and with the economic crises the world is going through, the iPhone may be an investment, and you must preserve its value. If you want to keep your iPhone and do not know what are the appropriate ways to keep your device as new, this article will help you.


iPhone Overheating: Here are all the tips and information to get rid of this problem

iPhone overheating is an annoying thing that many users are worried about, in addition to that it may cause damage to the internal parts of your device. Therefore, avoid using the iPhone while charging, and it is preferable that you remove your device case during the charging process, avoid exposing the iPhone to sunlight for a long time, but in the event that the device is updating the operating system, this may use a large amount of energy from your device that leads to its temperature rising.


How do you change the font size in iPhone and applications

You can change the font size in more than one way through the iPhone settings, in addition to the ability to change and control the font size in a specific application on your device. Here's how to change the font size on your iPhone and all the ways that will put you in control of font size and formatting on your device


How to reach the top of the iPhone screen with one hand

Apple is always trying to provide various features to facilitate everything for its users, and because it realized that the problem of the size of the iPhone will prevent the user from later reaching the top of the screen with one hand, the company devised a solution to this problem years ago and called it facilitating access.


11 tips to save time on the iPhone and improve the experience of use

There are usually hidden ways in the operating system that not many people know about, here are 11 quick tips for iOS using which you can save time and effort. These tips work on updating iOS 16, but some of them work on the iPad and previous versions of iOS. You may know most of these features and you may have forgotten some of them, but we thought we would beautify them so that everyone, especially beginners, can benefit.


For beginners, how to change live photos to still photos to save storage space

The Live Photo feature on the iPhone allows you to automatically record 1.5 seconds before and after the photo is taken, and these are very short video clips, which may fill up a lot of your storage, so if you prefer a still image rather than a photo Live to save this space, your iPhone has an option that lets you do just that easily