The value of Apple exceeds Aramco and Samsung launches the Note 20 and loses the lead in favor of Huawei and Microsoft wants to buy America's TikTok, and Apple announces a delay in the launch of the iPhone 12 and other news on the sidelines ...

Apple reveals last quarter business results

Apple revealed the business results for the third fiscal quarter of 2020, the most prominent of which were:

Apple achieved total revenue of $ 59.68 billion, compared to $ 53.8 billion in the same quarter of last year, an increase of $ 5.88 billion.

◉ The cost of sales increased from 20.227 billion to 22.68 billion, meaning that Apple cost 2.45 billion to achieve additional revenues of 5.88 billion, which means an expected positive impact on profits.

Apple's research spending increased by $ 0.5 billion to $ 4.758 billion.

◉ Apple's sales increased in all regions it operates in, including China and Europe.

◉ Apple's revenue from the iPhone decreased to represent 44.26% of total revenue, compared to 47.96% in the same quarter, and this is a positive change by reducing Apple's dependence on an essential resource, which is the iPhone.

◉ Apple's revenue increased from the iPad by 31%, from the Mac by 21.6%, from accessories by 16.7%, and from services by 14.8%, while the increase in revenues from the iPhone was only 1.66%.

Apple's revenue from the services sector exceeds the company's total revenue from the iPad, the watch, the headset, and all accessories.

◉ Apple's debt decreased from 105 billion at the beginning of the fiscal year to $ 95 billion.

Apple confirms the delay of the iPhone 12 and expectations of a launch division

◉ During a review of Apple's financial results last quarter, Luca Maestri, chief financial officer of Apple, said that the inventory for shipments coming from the iPhone (meaning the iPhone 12) will be delayed for a few weeks than usual. Several sources told DigiTimes that Apple has already informed them that the launch of the phone is expected to be 2-4 weeks behind the traditional date.

◉ In a recent context, sources said that Apple is considering launching the iPhone in two batches; The first will be the 6.1-inch iPhone version, the iPhone 12 Max and the iPhone 12 Pro. Then, after a period (two weeks or a month), the 5.4-inch iPhone version of the iPhone 12 will be launched, as well as the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max version. If this news is real, then there may be a problem in supplying Samsung’s 5.4 and 6.7 screens, which is the reason for the phones ’delay, or there is some internal hardware featured in the two devices, such as the motherboard, which is the reason for the delay; Because other than the motherboard, battery and screen, it is assumed that the iPhone 5.4 is similar to its brother 12 Max with a 6.1 screen. As well as the iPhone Pro 6.1, similar to its brother, the 6.7 Pro Max.

Departure of Phil Schiller from his position at Apple

In a shocking news, Apple announced that the veteran leader Phil Schiller will relinquish his post, and he is one of the geniuses who made Apple and we previously devoted an article to him -this linkPhil has been working for Apple for 33 years and said himself that he started working at Apple at the age of 27 and he is now at the age of 60 and it is time to leave the position of Apple Marketing Director around the world and get another position that is less stressful. Phil said that he will continue working at Apple, but not as well. Previous density. It is noteworthy that Phil has been working in the company since the first day in the marketing department, and he is the one who drew the propaganda and current and previous Apple marketing method that we saw for all the iPhone, iPad, MacBook family, iMac and others.

He assumed the leadership position of Phil Schiller, Greg Joswiak, one of the faces we know from Apple conferences, and he is also old, as he started working in June 1986 and before graduating from university and was responsible for periods of relations with developers as well as a number of Apple products.

Huawei topples Samsung; And Apple's only successful

A report by Canalys revealed its second-quarter 2020 phone sales report, which revealed two surprises:

Huawei is in the lead: The report revealed that Huawei was able to sell 55.8 million devices last quarter, compared to 53.7 million phones to Samsung, so that Huawei, for the first time, was able to grab the title of flagship from Samsung. Apple came in third place, as usual, with 45.1 million devices. Followed by Xiaomi, 28.8 million, and Oppo, 25.8 million. In general, the global market declined 14%, as 284.7 million devices were sold compared to 331.8 million in the same quarter in 2019.

The only successful Apple: The report said that in the past quarter all companies witnessed a decline in sales except for Apple; As sales of Huawei fell 5%, Samsung 30%, Xiaomi 10%, Obo 16%, while Apple's sales increased 25%, making its market share jump from 10.8% to 15.8%.

Samsung launches the Note 20 plastic phone and the Ultra version

Samsung has launched the new version of the most powerful Android phone in the world, the Samsung Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. These were the most prominent technical advantages in the two devices:

◉ Note 20 came with a 6.7-inch screen, while the Ultra version with a 6.9-inch screen, with a screen quality of 1440 * 3088, i.e. 494ppi against a screen of 1080 * 2400 and a density of 393ppi in the Note 20.

Latency of pen response time in the Ultra version is 9ms while in the regular version it is 26ms.

Note 20 Ultra screen supports 120Hz @ FHD and 60Hz @ QHD content renewal.

◉ Both phones came with the Exynos 990 processor in the global version and the SD865 + processor in the American version.

◉ The Note 20 Ultra supports external memory cards as well as provides a storage capacity of 512 GB, while the Note 20 comes with a storage capacity of only 256 GB and a memory of 8 GB.

◉ The camera in the Note 20 is (12 MP f / 1.8 primary, 1.8 micron pixel size, 64 MP telephoto camera, and 12 MP wide camera). While the Ultra version comes with a 108 mega-f / 1.8 primary camera, with a 0.8µm pixel size, a 12 mega-pixel telephoto camera, and a third, 12 mega-wide camera, which is the same as in the Note 20.

◉ PD charging technology is supported like the previous generation with 25W power. The batteries 4300 and 4500 are for the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra version, respectively.

◉ The price of the Note 20 version starts from $ 999 and comes with a plastic back, while the Note 20 Ultra comes with a glass back at a price starting from $ 1299 and will be available in the market on August 21.

Samsung: We will update our devices for 3 years

Samsung announced good news for users of its devices, which will ensure that updates will arrive for a period of up to 3 years, which is a long period in the Android world; Samsung used to give devices 1 year of updates and the upper category 2-3 years updates, but now everyone will be 3 years old. Of course, there is no need to compare Apple devices as Apple devices get 6 years of updates. In any case, good news is that Samsung updates will reach 3 years, and this means that the S10 / Note10 issued in 2019 will get Android 12 in 2021 for sure.

More of what Samsung revealed

In addition to the previous news, Samsung revealed several things, the most important of which were.

◉ Samsung launched two tablets under the name Tab S2 and S7 +, the first with an 7-inch IPS screen, while the second with a 11-inch Super AMOLED screen. Both devices run with the same Qualcomm SD12.4 + processor and come with the same 865 GB memory, 8/128 GB storage capacity, and a dual rear camera. The S256 + version features a built-in fingerprint on the screen, while the traditional side fingerprint is the S7 version of $ 7 and the S649 + version of $ 7, and the price increases by $ 849 each to support fourth-generation networks or $ 100 to support the fifth generation network.

◉ Samsung launched a new headphone called Galaxy Buds Live, with a compact design and ANC feature, at a price of only $ 170.

◉ Samsung has launched a new watch, the Galaxy Watch 3, with the famous ECG pulse sensor, such as the Apple Watch, sleep analysis and blood pressure measurement, and it comes at $ 399 for the regular version and 449 for the XNUMXG version.

◉ Samsung announced the new generation of its foldable device that caused problems; The new generation came under the name Z Fold 2 and the internal screen was large to 7.6 inches instead of 7.3 and the exterior to 6.23 instead of 4.6 inches, and the quality of the two screens, touch response and storage capacity UFS3.1 was improved instead of 3.0, as well as the camera became the famous O design

◉ Samsung has revealed a cooperation with Microsoft to provide the feature to "broadcast" the Android applications of the Note 20 phone to the computer. Broadcast This means that the applications will actually run on the phone, but you can interact with them and use them on your computer. Microsoft or Samsung did not clarify whether or not the feature will be provided for any other devices.

Aramco is toppled by Apple and the company returns the largest market value in the world

Less than a year after the defeat of Apple at the hands of Aramco and losing the title of the company with the largest market value in the world; Apple was able to take revenge and return to its previous position at the beginning of this week and continued to today, as at the moment of writing these lines, the value of Apple is $ 1.88 trillion, while the value of Aramco is $ 1.76 trillion. The two are being chased from afar by Microsoft at 1.61 trillion, Amazon 1.6 trillion, while Google is only 1.00 trillion and Facebook is 700 billion. Do you see Apple hold up, or will Aramco be able to return to its first place?

Apple updates its upcoming beta systems

Apple launched the fourth trial version of its upcoming systems at the end of this year, and it came as follows:

◉ iOS / iPadOS 14, the fourth beta for developers, which brought improvements in performance and some changes, such as the widget for the Apple TV application, alerts about exposure to contact with corona sufferers, support for Apple News app audios, improvements in XNUMXD touch, search and other advantages.

Mac OS 11.0 and has yet to show new features other than performance improvements and bug fixes.

◉ WatchOS 7, and what is new in this fourth trial version has not yet appeared.

◉ The tvOS 14.0 TV system did not show any new features, but rather general performance improvements.

Apple silently releases a major update to the iMac 27

Quietly and without conferences or large invitations, Apple updated the 27-inch iMac and the update came to include most of the hardware, but without any change in the design, as follows:

◉ Processor: The latest version of the tenth generation of Intel processors has been used, with the provision of the 10-core option for the first time, which will provide up to 65% faster performance in applications.

◉ Graphics card: Graphics cards were used in the Radeon Pro Series 5000 version, 5500/5600/5700 versions, which provide performance up to 55% faster than the previous generation iMac.

◉ iMac 5K Display's popular True Tone technology supported with Nano-Texture option.

◉ An 8 TB option has been provided of SSD storage with support for up to 3.4GB / s data transfer, and it costs $ 2400 to add (instead of 0.5 TB).

◉ The maximum memory that iMac can accept has been increased to 128GB.

◉ The quality of the camera, speaker, and microphone accuracy have been improved and are protected by a T2 safety chip to ensure that they are not operated remotely.

◉ The price of the computer starts from $ 1799 with modification options that can reach the price of the device only to $ 8299, unlike Nano-Texture, which costs $ 500 to add.

Google officially unveils Pixel 4a

Google officially revealed its Pixel 4a phone, which was identical to the leaks of the average SD730G processor, 6 GB of memory, 128GB of storage, a 3140mah battery, and a 5.81-inch OLED screen. The phone came with an LTE version and the company said that this year it will launch the 5G version of the phone, and it will be with the launch of the Pixel 5 in the fall. The phone came at a price of $ 349, or $ 50 less than the price of the lowest version of the iPhone SE, which outperforms it a lot in the processor, but it is less than in the screen and often photography.

Tablet PC sales rise, and Apple is at the forefront

Canalys revealed its analysis of tablet sales in the second quarter of this year; The report said that sales increased 26% to reach 37.5% and that Apple, as usual, has the largest market share, as its sales increased by 19.8% to exceed 14 million devices, followed by Samsung, which sold 7 million devices, up 39%, followed by Huawei, which increased its sales 45% to reach 4.77 million. Samsung and Huawei combined total sales of 11.8 million, less than Apple's sales of 14.25 million.

Trump threatens TikTok and Microsoft is considering buying it

US President Trump threatened TikTok to impose sanctions on it if it did not sell its American division within a maximum period of 45 days, as part of ongoing US sanctions on China, as Trump accused the application of infringing the privacy of American users and Trump said that September 15 is the end of the deadline if not the application Owned by an American company, it will not work in America .. For its part, Microsoft said that it is already in negotiations with the company that owns the application in order to buy a part of the company, which includes America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Apple acquires mobile payment company Mobeewave

Apple acquired Mobeewave, a start-up company that provides software solutions to convert the phone into an NFC-enabled Visa POS card payment device. The company provides many safety and protection features that can be learned in the following video. The value of the deal is not known, but sources said it was approximately $ 100 million. It is worth noting that Samsung had signed a cooperation agreement with Mobeewave at the end of last year to provide the mPOS payment feature around the world by Samsung phones, but of course this agreement will cancel and become the iPhone phones.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Leaks revealed what was said to be the next generation Apple Watch battery and that it will come with a 303.8mah battery compared to a current 296mah battery, meaning no difference.

◉ Apple announced the transformation of the first iPad mini, version 2012, into a vintage device. It is usual for devices to become a vintage when more than 5 years have passed, less than 7 years have passed since the sale stopped, and when the 7 years have passed, it becomes Obsolete. The difference between the two is that "ateeq" is a device that does not have hardware support, but it can be maintained in Apple centers, but a discarded device, this means that it will not be maintained even in the center.

◉ Microsoft announced the termination of its assistant application, Cortana, on iOS, and that it will stop support for it and any applications that depend on Cortana services. The application will continue to operate until January 2021.

◉ Leaks revealed that Apple will support the blood oxygen sensor in the sixth generation of the watch, according to analysts of codes for iOS 14.

Facebook has revealed a new feature in Instagram called Reels, which comes to compete with the Tik Tok application.

◉ Apple launched a new 30W charger in its store, without any information, what is the difference between it and the previous version. Charger is $ 49.

◉ Apple celebrated the 10th anniversary of the software store by placing its number 10 balloon in the store.

◉ Pictures of what was said to be a 36-piece magnetic charging circuit were leaked, suggesting that Apple will provide a magnetic charging accessory or modification in wireless charging.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier And she helps you, and if she robbed you of your life and preoccupied you, then there is no need for her


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