EaseUS RecExperts is one of the best Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad screen recording programs. It is easy to use to record anything that happens on the screen of your device, such as video calls, lectures, etc., and you can also capture a certain part of your screen or all or even a certain window, and automatic recording At times specified by you, and other features of EaseUS RecExperts. Learn the features of the program and why is it one of the best screen recording programs?

EaseUS RecExperts Mac Screen Recording Software

◉ EaseUS RecExperts is designed to save you the hassle of capturing screen on Mac.

◉ You may not be able to record screen with system audio when using QuickTime Player or other programs. That's why you need EaseUS RecExperts, which enables you to capture any screen activity, with or without sound. It contains everything a user might need to do a screen capture. This is good for the likes of educators or marketers or YouTube users doing captioning or anyone else.

◉ Flexibility in screen recording, so you can record the entire screen, a specific window, or any specific part with ease. Additionally, you can select to record the screen with system audio, microphone audio, or both.

Recording with multiple audio sources, such as the internal of your device and the microphone sound separately or simultaneously. It can also record audio from an external audio device.

◉ Scheduled recording, set the recording start time and duration, and let EaseUS RecExperts automatically do the task of capturing the screen on your device as you want.

◉ EaseUS RecExperts can also be used to record iPhone or iPad screen. As long as your Mac and iOS device are connected to the same WiFi network, just turn on AirPlay on the iOS device and allow EaseUS RecExperts to record apps or other screen activities on your iPhone or iPad.

◉ Easily make HD GIFs or videos, so you can record any screen activity, be it an internet call, a tutorial, or something else. Once you are done capturing the screen on your device, you can export the recording as a 1080p video or GIF without watermark.

EaseUS RecExperts is a Windows Screen Recorder

◉ You can easily capture any area of ​​your screen, all or even one window.

◉ You can record background and sound sounds with your microphone at the same time.

◉ You can record webcam to increase interactivity and help viewers connect with your content.

◉ You can record many games in 4K UHD resolution.

◉ You can schedule the screen recording to run automatically. For example, you might have an important meeting, and you might forget to record it, so EaseUS RecExperts can be scheduled to do this task for you.

◉ You can add text, fonts, arrows, and other editing work in real time. You can also trim video duration, add watermark and other advanced editing.

◉ The program supports several formats for saving captured videos, such as P4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, ASF etc.

◉ You can directly share the captured video on different social media platforms such as YouTube.

◉ With EaseUS RecExperts, you can easily remove background noise and enhance your own sound.

◉ Simply zoom in on any area you want with the default shortcut key F10, to specifically expand the recording content you want to show.

◉ You can register a specific window or program, regardless of the applications or programs that move in front of it.

◉ Highlight important parts or details with the default F4 hotkey.

◉ EaseUS RecExperts can run on Windows 7 and higher.

EaseUS RecExperts Screen Recorder for any occasion

◉ You can use it at work, and increase your productivity especially at work remotely! Use EaseUS RecExperts to record webinars, presentations, create video tutorials, etc.

◉ You can use EaseUS RecExperts Screen Recorder to record live broadcasts, FaceTime calls, YouTube videos, etc.

With the increase in distance learning due to the current global health conditions. Whether you need to conduct online lectures or just record e-learning courses as a backup, EaseUS RecExperts is your best choice.

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