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In a few hours, the iOS 16.1 update is released, as well as the update of other Apple systems such as the watch, TV, and Mac devices. The application has been updated to my prayer, moment….

Did you say the application has been updated to my prayer? Yes, dear brother, my prayer has been updated, after five years of dormancy, now, by the grace of God alone, an application to my prayer has returned. as it was The first ever prayer app, AndThe first prayer application that supports the Apple WatchIt is the first prayer application that supports the dynamic island for iPhone 14 Pro devices, and the activity status feature that Apple introduced with the new update iOS 16.1 and supports all devices. In this article, get to know with us about this update, and how, God willing, an application will return to My Prayer to become the best prayer application for users of Apple devices.

Prayer times are always in front of you

Many years ago, and almost since Apple first introduced the widget feature, we did not see a feature that might be useful for prayer times applications such as the interactive island feature and the activity status feature, and when I first saw this feature in Conference announcing the iPhone 14 I said to myself imagine how useful this feature would be and the reason is clear. Now the applications can display important information in front of you all the time, so if you are an iPhone 14 Pro owner, the counter will be the minutes remaining for prayer or the minutes that have passed since the call to prayer on the interactive island in front of you, and with a long press you will get more information, and if you do not have the I- iPhone 14 Pro, the activity status feature will be in front of you in the notifications, it works live and puts information about the current and upcoming prayer time in front of you.

So we are very excited to release this update and at this time, for the application to return to my prayers once again with something special and useful.

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times
Available on the software store

Join my prayer

In the middle of the last decade, before smart phones, when the Windows system was the dominant technology in the world, the founder of the iPhone Islam website looked at the call to prayer applications and found them to be very few and their design not good and thought that it is not appropriate for Muslims not to come out with an application that reminds the Muslim of prayer times and is well-made And distinctive. So, he developed the “To My Prayer” program for Windows, and the application achieved great success, thanks to God, and hundreds of thousands of downloads. In April 2008, before the release of the Apple App Store, we presented in Installer, which is the oldest store released for iPhone devices, the first version of the application to my prayer for the original iPhone devices, and it achieved It was very popular in relation to the number of Arab and Muslim users at the time, and after that, Ila Salati application became available in the software store. Let us review together the success story of this beloved application for many of you.


The beginning was with the question, “How many times have you sat in front of a computer screen working and forgot to pray? How often do you remember God while you work or play on your device? This program came to offer to display prayer times and alert them, a radio to listen to the live broadcast of religious radios and other advantages that brought him great popularity and the most popular feature. Many internet café owners were at the time to force people to perform prayer. The application to my prayer has been talked about by many newspapers.

Have you used the To My Prayers app on Windows?

Before the Apple App Store

when released iPhone in 2007 We thought that this promising device lacks the Arabic applications and websites that support it, and among these applications is our famous program “To My Prayer”, which made it one of the main factors for the opening of the iPhone Islam website. The software store was released at that time (thanks to God, your site iPhone Islam is one of the first developers in the world for the iPhone), the application came with a lot of features such as a large number of themes, various azan sounds, many ways to alert prayer, and works in the background of the system, with Easy and simple settings with displaying the Hijri and Gregorian dates together, support for the Arabic language - the Apple system at the time did not support Arabic - and the ability to choose cities from Google Maps and dozens of different features that made it reap great popularity.

Apple App Store

After years of launching the Apple App Store, we found that there is no movement or development in prayer applications and that they have not offered anything new for a long time, so we decided to present a new version of To My Prayer in the Apple App Store and decided that it should be different and distinct, and after more than a year’s effort and work Kamel, an application to my prayer comes out to you in its modern form, which is now known, specifically on June 24, 2013.

Since its launch in the Apple App Store, the application has received many updates, and it was the first application to support the Apple Watch and come with prayer times on the watch, and at that time this was a great thing, and the application to my prayer was also distinguished by its widget and its diversity at this time. Amr Abdel Rahman, who touched all of our hearts.


After the death of Amr Abdel Rahman, we could not touch this application again, we are afraid to spoil it, and this application is what reminds us of him, and it remained like this for five years…

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back to my prayers

It was not possible to update an application to my prayer, the code for it became very old, everything in the application became not adjustable, even the fees in the application are of no quality for modern devices, and the problem is that with every update of Apple systems, many problems appeared in to my prayer, It even collapses as soon as it is turned on. My prayer does not keep pace with any of the Apple updates and does not support any modern features of the system, the new widget, the lock screen widget, sensitive notifications, interaction with notifications, background updates, and other features, and it was necessary to restore We built it from scratch, and we didn't have the time to pay developers, designers, and a team to build the app from scratch.

But God Almighty wanted, to facilitate all things, and all the complications, and to make the matter of updating the application go smoothly and quickly, so that the application would be completely built in a few months. The application will return to my prayer again, and we ask God to make this update a start, for amazing upcoming updates, God willing, and for the features of the applications to return to what they were and better.

special thanks For Zamzam Company The developer of the prayer clock application, who contributed greatly to this update, and God made what they offered in the balance of their good deeds, also thanks For Batoul Company Provides a library of updated prayer times for all developers.

What's new in to my prayers

In an update to Salati, although it is a completely new application, we tried to maintain the same design and the same user experience, with a simple development to keep pace with Apple standards and become more compatible with its devices, and with these modifications, Salati now works on all Apple devices that support iOS 15, even iOS devices iPads, and recent Macs too.

To My Prayer starts with a simple interface, just a countdown to the prayer time, but you can tap or swipe down to see a more detailed interface, you can also swipe left or right to switch the countdown between the current and next prayer, swipe up or tap again to hide the detailed interface.

On the main screen, you can long press on the Hijri date to set it, long press on the site name to change your location, long press on the prayer time countdown to set a reminder, and long press on any of the prayer times for more options.

To My Prayers supports current activities + dynamic island feature, the feature is activated when prayer time is near or recent, you can also activate prayer focus mode by double tapping on the home screen, this will darken your background and activate the current activities feature.

Now you can change the sound of the call to prayer for each prayer separately. You can even choose an alert sound, not an azan, and you can make the notification silent without any sound. You can also turn off the alert for a specific prayer. Apple only allows 30 seconds for the notification sound, but if you click on the prayer notification, azan will appear on a full screen, and the wonderful thing is that it will be the same sound you chose and not a constant sound for each theme as it was before.

In this update, there is an alert before the prayer, but the alert feature for Iqama time has not yet been activated, and you can currently press the notification as it is in the picture and press the snooze button, which will alert you after the number of minutes you specified in the settings, and it will also activate the feature Dynamic island and activity status, don't worry soon we will add notification for stay time.


The features of the new update are many, and we will publish articles and videos explaining everything new in the Ila Salati app


We did not want to make a new version and simplify it to Salati Pro as many do, although the application is really a different version and not just a new name, and we know that we will not pay the cost of updating the application in this way because everyone already owns it, it becomes free every Ramadan and for a month, and there is no one The planet does not have this app, so only previous purchases of themes are no longer valid with this update and if you want to support the app buy some themes. And soon there will be a subscription only to support the application and for those who want.

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times
Available on the software store
Praise be to God, and to Him is the grace and grace, we were never able to set the time of the application’s release with such accuracy, and we were not able to make the application work with this quality, even with taking into account the reasons. He bestows His grace upon us.

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