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News on the sidelines week 9 - 15 September

New games using Interactive Island, problems installing apps after updating to iOS 16 and Apple solving the problem, a bug in the Apple website, a standalone security update feature, a developer on Xiaomi devices imitating Interactive Island, and other exciting news in the sidelines…


Why should you wait for iPhone 15?

iPhone 14, especially the standard version, did not come with anything that distinguished it from the phones of the previous generation (the Pro versions undoubtedly provided many features), so you may have to wait for the iPhone 15, continue reading this article because we will review 4 features that we are waiting to come in i- iPhone 15


12 new features in iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models - Part Two

We mentioned the most important new features that came in the new iPhone 14 lineup, which is the always-on screen feature, 48-megapixel imaging, interactive island, full eSIM support, emergency service via satellite, and car accident detection feature, and in this article we complete the rest of the new features


How will the satellite calling feature work on the iPhone 14?

Apple announced satellite communication technology, which will be available on every iPhone 14 lineup, and as Apple indicated, this feature will allow for emergency distress messages to be sent when the iPhone is out of range of the cellular network, what is this new feature and how it will work.


iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, what's new?

For the first time, Apple released a regular iPhone with a larger size of 6.7 inches, thus joining the famous 6.1-inch design. The popular iPhone in the regular category of phones is cheaper and also features a dual camera system, not a triple like the Pro category. And this year, Apple added to the iPhone 14 phones, many advantages that you know about


News on the sidelines week 2 - 8 September

Apple launched the gold version of the iOS 16 update, an unlimited number of fixes in the new Apple Care Plus update, the launch of a gold version of the iOS 15.7 update, stopping the sale of iPhone devices without a charger in Brazil, stopping the production of the Apple Watch 3 officially, and new news about iPhone models -iPhone 14 and other exciting news on the sidelines...


Summary of the conference to launch the iPhone 14 for the year 2022

The highly anticipated Apple conference has just ended, in which it revealed its latest devices from the impressive iPhone 14 family, as well as the new generation of Apple AirPods Pro headphones, updating the entire watch family and launching a new version of it. Here is a summary of the conference.


How to follow the iPhone 2022 launch conference

After a few hours, the iPhone 2022 launch conference begins, and perhaps also the launch of some of the new products and surprises prepared by Apple, and we hope that Apple will impress us with new features that were not mentioned in the recent leaks. Apple has announced the provision of a live broadcast on the date of the conference and in the following lines you know how to watch this live broadcast.


The history of iPhone conferences from 2007 until 2021

Any conference and change in the history of the iPhone you see the most prominent? Has Apple become a traditional Apple conference so it is easy to anticipate and therefore we do not dazzle with conferences, or does it really do not offer impressive things? Is there any hope in this year's conference to change this stereotypical style?


Everything we expect to see at Apple's launch of the iPhone 14

All the rumors about the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch Pro, Apple Watch 8, new iPads, and more, this guide sheds light on everything we can expect to see, and some more distant possibilities, at the September event based on the rumors that we've heard so far.