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What happens when you download a new iOS update on an old iPhone?

Updating the operating system is very important for your iPhone, but if you have an old version of the iPhone, will your phone be affected when you download a new update? What are the consequences or side effects of that? Battery performance may be declining and you feel that your phone is taking a long time to restore files or to carry out the commands you give it.


Apple warns of a fatal error committed by many users of the iPhone

Most of us put the iPhone in the charger at night, and this is not a problem with it, but there is a common habit that many users do, which is leaving the phone under the pillow, or covering it while charging, and this habit is very dangerous, and Apple warned that it is a fatal mistake, And you need not to do this again, so as not to put your life in danger.


8 things iPhone users hate in iOS

Despite what the iOS operating system provides of various and amazing features, there are a number of annoying things that destroy the experience of using the iPhone, and for this we will review, in the following lines, 8 things that iPhone users hate in the iOS system.


Fix the problem of autocorrect not working well on the iPhone

Autocorrect is a useful feature but sometimes it doesn't correct the words you want or changes the word to something you didn't mean. When that happens, you'll want to fix it right now, so we'll learn about some solutions when autocorrect doesn't work on your iPhone.


A vulnerability in the mail application could lead to its collapse

There is a new problem that can lead to the collapse of the email application on the iPhone. The problem affects the email application on the iPhone and causes it to crash and the application to collapse if it is opened. This glitch occurs when someone types a certain code and sends mail to you


A great iPhone trick that many users don't know

From time to time a feature is found that may not be new and it already exists, but many iPhone users do not know it, and during the following lines we will learn a simple trick that allows you to draw perfect shapes on the screenshot via your finger.